Imagine a smartphone that surpasses the expectations of notch design and camera capabilities. proudly presents the Honor View 20, a groundbreaking device that introduces an in-screen selfie camera alongside a remarkable 48-megapixel rear camera. While the concept of an O-shaped notch on the Galaxy S10 has sparked conversations, Huawei has already pushed the boundaries with the Honor View 20 by seamlessly integrating the front-facing camera into the screen itself.

Beyond its innovative design, the Honor View 20 stands out as the pioneer in utilizing Sony’s cutting-edge IMX586 sensor for its rear camera. This device also introduces a unique feature that combines 4G data and Wi-Fi networks, enhancing download speeds for an unparalleled user experience. Scheduled for an initial launch in China on Dec. 26 and globally in Paris on Jan. 22,’s Honor View 20 promises a blend of sophistication and functionality that sets it apart in the competitive smartphone market.

Join us as we delve deeper into the exceptional features and prospects that the Honor View 20 offers, setting a new standard for smartphone technology.

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When it comes to innovative phone design, brands like Honor and Huawei are pushing the boundaries with their latest models. For instance, the Honor View 20 introduces a unique approach by incorporating an in-screen camera that maintains a sleek and minimalistic design. This differs from Samsung’s Infinity-O display, where the camera cut-out takes up slightly more space on the screen.

Even though the difference in size between the two designs seems minor at 1.5mm, Honor emphasizes that their 4.5mm camera hole occupies less than half the surface area compared to Samsung’s solution, aiming to provide a more immersive display experience.


The implementation of the in-screen camera on the Honor View 20 required advanced engineering techniques such as the “5-axis ring dispersion” to enhance photo quality by preventing light interference. Additionally, precise alignment within the 18 layers of the display was crucial for seamless operation. With five patents for the in-screen camera, Huawei demonstrates a commitment to technological innovation.

On the photography front, the View 20 boasts a groundbreaking 48-megapixel sensor from Sony, promising high-resolution images. This feature sets a new standard in smartphone photography, with other manufacturers like Xiaomi following suit in their upcoming releases.

Enhancing the camera experience further, the Honor View 20 utilizes pixel binning for improved image clarity and is powered by the Kirin 980 chip, integrating AI capabilities for enhanced photography. The inclusion of hardware HDR support and Link Turbo technology for optimized network performance further solidifies the View 20 as a top contender in the smartphone market.

Quick specs (what’s known)

The highly anticipated O-shaped notch that might be featured on the Galaxy S10 has been a hot topic lately. However, Huawei has taken a step ahead with the Honor View 20 by incorporating the front-facing camera seamlessly into the screen, thus avoiding the controversial notch. This innovative approach is reminiscent of what the upcoming Galaxy S10 is rumored to offer with its Infinity-O screen, which was showcased by Samsung at a recent developer conference.

The Honor View 20 boasts not only the novel in-screen camera but also introduces other cutting-edge features ahead of the Galaxy S10 launch. One notable feature is the 48-megapixel rear camera, utilizing Sony’s latest IMX586 sensor. Additionally, the device incorporates Link Turbo technology, which intelligently combines 4G data and Wi-Fi networks to enhance download speeds, a feature observed in a few select phones in the market.

Set to launch first in China on December 26, followed by a global debut in Paris on January 22, the Honor View 20 exemplifies Huawei’s commitment to pushing boundaries in the smartphone industry. The company’s strategic focus on innovative features and premium finishes has enabled it to challenge established players like Samsung, evident in Huawei’s ascent to become the world’s second-largest phone brand, trailing closely behind Samsung and surpassing Apple in market share.

Behind the scenes, Huawei and its Honor brand continue to face challenges, both internally and externally. Despite controversies and restrictions in some regions, Huawei remains steadfast in delivering top-tier Android phones with features that set new industry standards. The Honor View 20’s standout feature, the in-screen camera, sets a benchmark for future smartphones, with competitors likely to follow suit.

To achieve the seamless in-screen camera design, Honor opted for a subtle approach by making a part of the display transparent, resulting in a minimal 4.5mm camera hole. This contrasts with Samsung’s Infinity-O display, which cuts a larger hole of 6mm, potentially affecting the immersive full-screen experience. Additionally, Honor’s innovative engineering solutions, such as the “5-axis ring dispersion,” ensure optimal performance of the in-screen camera while maintaining display integrity.

The Honor View 20’s camera specifications, powered by Sony’s IMX586 48-megapixel sensor, combined with Honor’s Kirin 980 chip and AI capabilities, promise exceptional photography experiences. The device’s hardware HDR support and pixel binning technology further enhance image quality, offering users a versatile and feature-rich camera system.

Furthermore, the integration of Link Turbo technology underscores Huawei’s commitment to enhancing user experience by optimizing network connectivity for faster downloads and improved performance in various applications. By leveraging both 4G and Wi-Fi networks intelligently, Honor ensures smooth and efficient data transmission, reducing jitter and boosting download speeds for seamless multimedia consumption.

In conclusion, the Honor View 20 exemplifies Huawei’s dedication to technological innovation and user-centric design, setting a new standard for smartphone cameras and connectivity solutions. As smartphone enthusiasts await the global launch of this groundbreaking device, Huawei continues to redefine industry norms and inspire competition to elevate the mobile experience for consumers worldwide.

Honor View 20 by Huawei showcases groundbreaking innovations in smartphone design with its in-screen camera and advanced features. Huawei’s strategic focus on cutting-edge technology and premium finishes has propelled the company to the forefront of the global smartphone market. The device’s seamless integration of the front-facing camera, coupled with exceptional camera specifications and intelligent connectivity solutions, sets a new standard for smartphone performance and user experience. As Huawei prepares for the global launch of the Honor View 20, the smartphone industry eagerly anticipates the impact of this pioneering device on future innovations. For more information and updates, visit our website to stay informed about the latest developments in mobile technology.