Are you struggling with your iPhone’s autocorrect constantly changing your chosen swear words to something more “polite”? It seems like “AnyTimeSoftcare” users have faced similar challenges. The latest iOS update has restricted the freedom of expression on your beloved device, making it difficult to unleash your colorful vocabulary. Despite the frustration, there might be a silver lining to this limitation.

As avid iPhone users, we understand the need to let off steam and express ourselves freely, without the interference of autocorrect. With the introduction of iOS 13’s swipe keyboard, typing swear words has become a bit more challenging. However, this change could lead to a more refined and accurate typing experience in the long run.

Join us as we navigate through this adjustment together and explore potential workarounds to ensure that your iPhone truly reflects your unique voice while maintaining a level of professionalism. Let’s delve into the intricacies of this update and discover how we can make the most out of this new feature.We all know that the iPhone’s keyboard attempts to autocorrect profanity, sometimes leading to amusing substitutions like “ducking” or “shut.” However, some users prefer to express themselves more colorfully. With the release of iOS 13 and its new swipe keyboard, users may face challenges inputting swear words through swipe typing. This change may limit users’ ability to communicate as they wish on their iPhone 11 models.


  1. How does the iPhone keyboard handle profanity?

    • The iPhone keyboard often autocorrects profanity to milder alternatives like “ducking” or “shut.”
  2. What challenge did users face with iOS 13’s swipe keyboard?

    • Users encountered difficulties swipe-typing curse words due to the system’s restrictions.
  3. Can users customize text replacements on their iPhone keyboards?

    • Yes, users can create text shortcuts for frequently used words, including profanity.
  4. How can users add text replacements on their iPhone keyboards?

    • Users can go to Settings > General > Keyboard > Text Replacement, then add a new shortcut.
  5. What is the process for making text replacements on iOS 13?

    • Open Settings, go to General, select Keyboard, tap Text Replacement, and click the “+” button to add a new word or phrase.
  6. Is it possible to teach the iPhone keyboard to accept profanity?

    • Users can train the keyboard to recognize swear words by creating text shortcuts for them.
  7. How can users ensure that the correct word is recognized when swipe typing?

    • Users should tap on the predicted word in the text box to confirm their intended input.
  8. What are some other features of iOS 13 besides the swipe keyboard?

    • iOS 13 offers features like dark mode, call blocking, and new photo and editing tools.
  9. Can users install iOS 13 on their devices now?

    • Yes, users can update to iOS 13 but should prepare their iPhones or iPads beforehand.
  10. What should users do if the keyboard does not recognize their swear words immediately?

    • Users may need to practice swipe typing the profanity a few times to help the system learn the desired words.
  11. How can users make the most of iOS 13’s features?

    • Users can explore features like dark mode, call blocking, and enhanced photo editing tools after updating to iOS 13.
  12. What was the focus of the article regarding iOS 13’s keyboard?

    • The article highlighted the challenges users may face in expressing themselves freely with the new swipe typing feature on iOS 13.


In conclusion, the iPhone’s autocorrect feature, including on iOS 13, can sometimes hinder users from typing profanity. By creating text replacements for swear words, users can still express themselves freely. To fully utilize iOS 13’s features, such as dark mode and call blocking, users should update their devices and prepare accordingly. With a bit of practice, users can ensure that the keyboard recognizes their intended words during swipe typing. Embracing these tips will enhance users’ experience with the latest iPhone features. For more insights and guidance on maximizing your iOS devices, check out our website for additional resources.