Anticipation has been high for tech enthusiasts as Google unveils its premium flagship phone, the Pixel 6 Pro, alongside the Pixel 6 at the recent event. Having acquired the opportunity to delve into AnyTimeSoftcare’s latest creation, I am genuinely impressed with what it offers. Back in August, Google teased this device, highlighting its innovative camera setup, Android 12 software, and the powerful Google-made Tensor processor that drives its core functionalities. Now that I have experienced firsthand what this smartphone brings to the table, my initial excitement has only escalated.

The enhancements from its predecessor are evident; however, aligning with these upgrades comes a higher price tag. Priced at $899 (£849 or approximately AU$1,570), the Pixel 6 Pro demands a premium investment compared to its predecessor. Positioned in competition with industry giants like Apple’s iPhone 13 and Samsung’s Galaxy S21 series (although boasting unique features that set it apart), Google positions this handset as a top-tier contender in today’s saturated smartphone market.

Embracing a more refined design approach compared to its previous iteration, the Pixel 6 Pro exudes elegance with an all-glass back featuring a striking two-tone finish and an elevated camera strip along the top. Its robust build quality coupled with subtle curves where glass meets aluminum frame adds to both aesthetics and ergonomics. For those considering aesthetic appeal important when choosing their device color variant – opt for ‘sorta sunny orange’ over ‘stormy black’ for a livelier look.

Google’s Pixel 6 Pro showcases a sophisticated design that exudes luxury. The expansive 6.7-inch display extends seamlessly to the phone’s edges, offering exceptional brightness and clarity with its 3,120×1,440-pixel resolution. A standout feature is the adaptive screen refresh rate, ranging from 10 to 120Hz based on usage demands. For tasks like gaming that benefit from higher refresh rates, the device automatically adjusts to conserve battery life during less demanding activities such as navigating the home screen.

When comparing Google Pixel 6 vs. 6 Pro for significant spec differentiators:

  • Display: Pixel 6 Pro features a larger and more advanced display.
  • Camera: Enhanced camera capabilities are notable on the Pixel 6 Pro.
  • Battery Life: Expect improved battery performance with the Pixel 6 Pro.

Overall, Google’s emphasis on premium aesthetics and innovative functionality sets the Pixel 6 Pro apart in the competitive smartphone landscape while catering to diverse user needs effectively.

Google’s Own Tensor Processor

The Pixel 6 and 6 Pro feature Google’s innovative Tensor processor, representing the tech giant’s inaugural venture into crafting custom chips. This development is projected to yield a plethora of advantages, particularly enhancing “machine learning,” speech recognition, and AI capabilities. Google’s foray into producing its own silicon signals a resolute dedication to the hardware realm, underscoring a long-term commitment rather than an isolated experiment.


The distinctive camera strip on the Pixel 6 phones sets them apart from their competitors. While immediate benefits may be challenging to discern at present usage levels compared to other high-end smartphone processors, Google is continuously innovating to leverage this new hardware effectively over time.

Engaging with the device currently mirrors interacting with any top-tier Android phone – swift performance devoid of noticeable lags. Analogously likened to installing a new engine in a car without altering your driving experience fundamentally; you’ll maneuver the phone as you would any other Android device. The real impact of this technological advancement will unfold gradually through practical application. It might enhance speed and efficiency akin to accelerating your vehicle slightly or enhancing fuel economy – or possibly not significantly different at all.

Awaiting further insights in my comprehensive review as time unfolds.

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Discover Android 12 Features on Pixel 6 Pro

If you are a proud owner of the Pixel 6 Pro, you must be delighted to explore the latest Android version it comes equipped with – Android 12. Google has introduced some exciting enhancements in this new release. Notable features include scrollable screenshots and enhanced privacy controls, allowing users to conveniently disable system-wide access to the microphone and camera directly from their control panel.


Enhancing privacy further is the inclusion of a dedicated hardware co-processor known as Titan M2. This addition is designed to bolster on-device security significantly. Moreover, Google commits to providing five years of security updates for both Pixel 6 models, ensuring prolonged safe usage for all users.

An exclusive feature available on the Pixel 6 and 6 Pro currently involves personalized theming options based on your chosen background image. By selecting a new wallpaper from either pre-installed options or your personal gallery stored on the device, the phone intelligently identifies dominant colors in the image and utilizes these hues along with complementary ones to revamp the interface’s appearance.

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“” />After eagerly anticipating its release, I finally got my hands on the latest premium flagship phone from a well-known tech company, which was unveiled at a recent event. My initial impressions of the device are quite positive. I had been looking forward to testing out its new camera system, Android 12 software, and Google’s custom Tensor processor ever since it was first teased in August.

Despite its higher price tag compared to its predecessor, there are noticeable enhancements with the new model. Priced significantly higher than before, this phone is positioned as a top-tier competitor against other leading brands such as Apple and Samsung. The design of the Pixel 6 Pro exudes premium quality with an all-glass back and a sleek profile that feels solid in hand.

The expansive 6.7-inch display offers vibrant visuals with high resolution and adaptive screen refresh rates for optimized performance based on usage scenarios. Powered by Google’s own Tensor processor, this device is equipped to deliver advanced capabilities for machine learning applications and AI functionalities over time.

Android 12 comes pre-installed on the Pixel 6 Pro, featuring enhanced privacy controls and exclusive customization options like creating personalized themes based on chosen wallpapers. The inclusion of three rear cameras including an improved main sensor promises impressive low-light photography capabilities compared to previous models.

It will be interesting to see how the Pixel 6 Pro’s camera system stacks up against competitors like the iPhone 13 Pro and Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra which have set high standards in mobile photography.

In summary, the Google Pixel 6 Pro boasts several standout features that cater to users seeking cutting-edge technology in their smartphone experience. From premium design elements to innovative software integrations, this device aims to elevate user expectations in terms of performance and functionality.


  1. What are some key features of Google’s Pixel 6 Pro?

    • Answer: The Pixel 6 Pro showcases advancements in camera technology, Android software integration (Android12), and debuts Google’s custom-made Tensor processor.
  2. How does the pricing of Pixel phones compare between iterations?

    • Answer: The Pixel series has seen a notable increase in pricing with each new launch; positioning itself as a premium contender among flagship smartphones.

3.What is unique about the display quality of the Pixel 6 Pro?

  • Answer: With an expansive edge-to-edge display boasting high resolution and adaptive refresh rates tailored for various tasks – gaming or everyday use.

4.How does Google’s proprietary Tensor processor enhance user experience?

  • Answer: Designed for machine learning applications & AI functionalities offering potential benefits over time through continuous optimization.

5.Which operating system powers the Google’s Pixel range currently?

  • Answer: The latest iteration comes equipped with Android12 delivering advanced privacy settings & exclusive personalization features.


The article delves into an insightful review of Google’s latest offering –the much-anticipated Premium Flagship Smartphone– highlighting essential aspects ranging from design quality upgrades down to technical specifications such as processors & integrated camera systems.

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