In step with the launch of new Windows Mobile 6.5 phones, Microsoft has officially transitioned its My Phone synchronization service for Windows phones (6.0-6.5) from beta to a full release. The latest updates primarily focus on premium features aimed at assisting users in locating their phones in case of loss or theft. Let’s delve into the details below:


  1. What is My Phone syncing service?
  • My Phone is a synchronization service provided by Microsoft for Windows phones that allows users to sync various data types between their phone and an online dashboard.
  1. What data types can be synced using My Phone?
  • Users can sync contacts, calendar items, notes, tasks, memos, photos, videos, songs, text messages, and documents.
  1. How do you set up My Phone on your Windows phone?
  • Users need to download the My Phone app, sign in with their Windows Live ID, and select the data types they want to sync.
  1. What are the premium features of My Phone?
  • Premium features include the ability to remotely ring, locate, lock, and erase your phone in case it is lost or stolen.
  1. Is My Phone’s premium package free?
  • The premium features of My Phone are available for a fee, typically around $5 for seven days of access.
  1. What are the alternatives to Microsoft’s My Phone service?
  • Dashwire is a similar service that offers more customizable features and sharing options for media and texts.
  1. Can My Phone be used to share photos on social media platforms?
  • Yes, My Phone allows users to publish images to platforms such as Windows Live, Facebook, Flickr, and MySpace.
  1. Is My Phone’s syncing process time-consuming?
  • The initial syncing process may take some time, especially on slower network connections.
  1. Can users manage their phone’s data through the My Phone online dashboard?
  • Users can view and manage certain aspects of their phone’s data through the online dashboard, such as adding calendar items and editing contact information.
  1. Is there a trial period for My Phone’s premium features?
  • Users can try out the premium find-my-phone features for free until a specified date, typically November 30, 2009.
  1. How can users purchase the premium features of My Phone?
  • Users can purchase the premium features as needed from the My Phone site under the “Connected Phones” section.
  1. Does Microsoft plan to enhance My Phone’s features in the future?
  • There is no information available on Microsoft’s future plans for expanding My Phone’s features at the moment.


The release of Windows Mobile 6.5 phones brought about the official launch of Microsoft’s My Phone synchronization service, offering users a convenient way to sync their phone data with an online dashboard. While the service may lack some advanced features compared to its competitors, the premium add-ons, such as phone locating and security tools, provide users with peace of mind in case of emergencies. As technology continues to evolve, exploring different syncing services like My Phone and Dashwire can help users find the right fit for their needs. Embracing these tools can not only enhance the functionality of your device but also ensure the safety and security of your data. Visit our website to learn more about optimizing your phone’s syncing capabilities and safeguarding your digital assets.