Verizon Wireless recently introduced its new “Share Everything” plan, which aims to revolutionize the industry by allowing customers to share a common pool of data, similar to how they share voice minutes and text messages under a family plan. While this plan offers potential savings for large families, it has raised concerns among individual customers who may not benefit from the changes.

Here is a list of frequently asked questions to help you navigate through the key aspects of Verizon’s “Share Everything” plan:


  1. What is Verizon Wireless’ “Share Everything” plan?
    Verizon’s “Share Everything” plan allows customers to share a single pool of data across multiple devices, along with unlimited voice and text messages for a set fee.

  2. How does the “Share Everything” plan benefit families?
    Families can save money by consolidating their data usage into a single plan and sharing it among multiple devices.

  3. Can existing customers keep their current plans?
    Existing customers have the option to retain their current plans, although they may lose their unlimited data if they choose to upgrade to a new subsidized phone.

  4. What are the pricing details for individual and family plans under “Share Everything”?
    Individual plans start at $100 for unlimited voice and text messages, along with a set amount of data. Family plans vary based on the number of devices and data shared.

  5. What are the implications for customers with older unlimited data plans?
    Customers with grandfathered unlimited data plans may be required to switch to a new plan if they upgrade their devices, potentially losing their unlimited data benefits.

  6. Is the “Share Everything” plan more cost-effective for families than for individuals?
    The plan is tailored towards families, offering savings for those with multiple devices sharing data. Individual customers may find the pricing less favorable.

  7. What are the access fees for different devices under the new plan?
    Access fees vary depending on the type of device, with smartphones having a higher fee compared to basic phones, tablets, and other devices.

  8. How does the “Share Everything” plan compare to similar offerings from other carriers?
    Competing carriers may offer similar shared data plans, with variations in pricing and features tailored to their customer base.

  9. What is Verizon’s rationale behind introducing the “Share Everything” plan?
    Verizon aims to enhance customer loyalty and retention by offering a comprehensive plan that caters to the evolving needs of modern families and individuals.

  10. How does the “Share Everything” plan impact the industry as a whole?
    The introduction of shared data plans sets a new standard in the industry, influencing how other carriers structure their offerings and pricing models.

  11. Are there any alternatives for customers who are not satisfied with the “Share Everything” plan?
    Customers who prefer individual plans or different data options can explore alternative offerings from Verizon or consider switching to other carriers that better suit their needs.

  12. How can customers make an informed decision about their wireless plan?
    To make the best choice for your wireless needs, carefully assess your data usage patterns, device requirements, and budget constraints before selecting a plan that aligns with your priorities.


Verizon Wireless’ “Share Everything” plan introduces a new approach to data sharing and pricing, catering to the needs of families while posing challenges for individual customers. By understanding the key features and implications of this plan, you can make an informed decision that aligns with your usage requirements and budget preferences.

For more information on Verizon’s “Share Everything” plan and to explore alternative options, visit the Verizon Wireless website for detailed plan details, pricing, and support resources. Make sure to evaluate your specific needs and compare different plans to find the best fit for your wireless communication needs.