HTC: Not the End of the Game Yet

In today’s smartphone market, dominated by the giants Apple and Samsung, it’s easy to dismiss all other players as doomed. But amidst the gloom and despair, HTC stands out as a beacon of hope, a brand that continues to defy expectations.

While HTC has faced challenges and setbacks, it remains a profitable company with a loyal customer base. Its flagship One series smartphones have received critical acclaim, proving that HTC can still produce exceptional products. Moreover, HTC serves as a crucial player in preventing the industry from becoming a stagnant duopoly.## FAQs

1. Why is HTC struggling?
Answer: HTC faces competition from Apple and Samsung, leading to declining profits and market share.

2. What makes HTC stand out?
Answer: HTC’s strengths include recognizable brand, loyal customer base, and innovative products like the One line of phones.

3. What challenges does HTC face?
Answer: Samsung’s dominance in smartphone business, slow growth in smartphone market, and past product ban in the US.

4. What is HTC’s financial outlook?
Answer: HTC has been posting declining profits but remains profitable, with potential for growth in Asia-Pacific region.

5. How is HTC trying to regain its former glory?
Answer: HTC is simplifying its product line and focusing on high-end and midtier phones, while collaborating with carriers.

6. What are HTC’s advantages over rivals?
Answer: HTC benefits from a strong brand, loyal customers, and differentiated software like HTC Sense.

7. How has the US product ban affected HTC?
Answer: The ban delayed the launch of HTC’s One X and Evo 4G LTE products, impacting sales.

8. What is HTC’s target market size?
Answer: HTC focuses on the middle and high-end smartphone market, which offers higher margins and less competition.

9. How does HTC’s brand strength compare to rivals?
Answer: HTC maintains a relatively strong brand compared to non-branded or struggling competitors.

10. What is HTC’s projected growth outlook?
Answer: Ferragu projects 18% sales growth and 24% earnings growth for HTC by 2015.

11. Is HTC a good investment?
Answer: Ferragu views HTC as a high-risk, high-reward investment with potential for significant upside.

12. What is holding HTC back from regaining its position as a major player in the smartphone market?
Answer: HTC continues to face competition from Samsung and Apple, while dealing with product delays and a shifting market landscape.


Despite facing challenges from Apple and Samsung, HTC remains a viable player in the smartphone market. Its strengths, including a recognizable brand, loyal customer base, and innovative products, provide a solid foundation for its future. The company has a strong position in China’s midtier phone market and is poised to benefit from growth in the Asia-Pacific region.

HTC’s focus on collaboration with carriers, such as AT&T, T-Mobile USA, and Verizon Wireless, is a key strategy for increasing its market presence. With a projected growth outlook and a strong financial position, HTC has the potential to make a comeback and establish a stable market share in the coming years.

If you’re looking for a smartphone that offers a great user experience, consider checking out HTC’s One line of phones. With positive reviews and strong sales, these devices are a testament to HTC’s commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction. Visit HTC’s website for more information and to explore their latest offerings.