With T-Mobile USA now joining Sprint Nextel in offering a truly unlimited data plan, consumers have more options to choose from in the competitive wireless industry landscape. Both T-Mobile and Sprint are stepping up their game in the face of competition from larger rivals like AT&T and Verizon Wireless, who have imposed more restrictions on their data plans. Sprint’s unlimited data plan has been a significant selling point, but T-Mobile is confident in its latest offering as well.


  1. What is the pricing structure for T-Mobile’s unlimited data plan?

    • T-Mobile offers various pricing options, including different combinations of classic contract plans and value no-contract plans. Classic contract customers can get the full unlimited plan for $89.99 per month, while value customers pay $74.99 for the same plan.
  2. What are the pricing options for Sprint’s unlimited data plan?

    • Sprint offers a $79.99 plan with 450 minutes, unlimited text messages, and data. There are also options for 900 minutes at $99.99 and completely unlimited at $109.99.
  3. How does T-Mobile’s 4G coverage compare to Sprint’s?

    • T-Mobile covers 220 million people and nearly 230 markets with its 4G network, while Sprint’s WiMax network reaches 130 million people in 71 markets. Both carriers have plans for expanding their 4G networks.
  4. What handsets are available on T-Mobile and Sprint?

    • T-Mobile offers the Galaxy S3 and the One S, while Sprint provides the iPhone 4S, Galaxy S3, and Evo 4G LTE. Each carrier has its own lineup of smartphones.
  5. Which carrier offers better pricing: T-Mobile or Sprint?

    • T-Mobile wins on a financial basis, especially for consumers willing to bring their own phone and opt for a contract-free plan.
  6. Are there any differences in network technology between T-Mobile and Sprint?

    • T-Mobile uses HSPA+ for its 4G network, while Sprint initially relied on WiMax but is now transitioning to LTE technology.
  7. How do coverage and network speeds vary between T-Mobile and Sprint?

    • T-Mobile covers more people with its 4G network, but Sprint is ahead in LTE rollout in some markets. Network performance can vary based on location and network technology.
  8. What are the key considerations for consumers when choosing between T-Mobile and Sprint?

    • Consumers should weigh factors such as pricing, handset selection, network coverage, and network technology when selecting between T-Mobile and Sprint’s unlimited data plans.
  9. How does T-Mobile address the lack of iPhone availability compared to Sprint?

    • T-Mobile offers options for consumers to bring in their own unlocked iPhones and sign up for an unlimited data plan, providing flexibility to iPhone users.
  10. What customer support options are available for T-Mobile and Sprint customers?

    • Both carriers offer customer support through various channels, including online chat, phone support, and in-store assistance.
  11. Are there any additional fees or charges associated with T-Mobile and Sprint’s unlimited data plans?

    • Consumers should check for any extra fees, taxes, or surcharges that may apply to their chosen plan, in addition to the base monthly cost.
  12. Can consumers switch between T-Mobile and Sprint’s unlimited data plans easily?

    • Consumers should inquire about the process of switching carriers, including any contract obligations, porting phone numbers, and device compatibility.


The wireless industry is evolving rapidly, with T-Mobile and Sprint both offering compelling unlimited data plans for consumers. While T-Mobile excels in pricing and network coverage, Sprint shines in handset selection and network technology. Consumers are encouraged to evaluate their priorities regarding pricing, coverage, handset choices, and network performance before committing to a carrier. By understanding the differences between T-Mobile and Sprint’s offerings, consumers can make an informed decision that aligns with their preferences and usage patterns.

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