AT&T offers HBO and “Game of Thrones” as incentives, while T-Mobile provides Netflix for its family plan users. However, customers may wonder about Verizon’s entertainment package in comparison to its competitors. Despite Verizon’s venture into media through acquisitions like AOL and Yahoo, its focus has been more on advertising rather than video content. Additionally, its investments in AwesomenessTV and the Go90 mobile video service have not garnered as much viewership as anticipated.

Verizon’s lack of a robust entertainment bundle may seem like a disadvantage when considering a phone plan, especially with the growing trend of mobile video consumption. Nevertheless, Verizon has shown resilience in attracting and retaining customers, evident from a significant increase in retail postpaid customers and a low customer turnover rate. The company’s growth can also be attributed to the reintroduction of an unlimited data plan, further reinforcing its position in the market.

While other competitors like AT&T and Sprint offer enticing perks such as free service for a year or discounted streaming video services, Verizon has been contemplating its own video-streaming platform to stay competitive. Despite the decline in Fios video connections, Verizon has seen growth in Fios internet connections, adapting to the changing landscape of online video consumption and cord-cutting trends.

Verizon’s focus on providing quality service without solely relying on video perks has proven successful, with steady postpaid growth and strong financial performance. The company’s consideration of a unique video streaming service and commitment to offering differentiated products highlight its strategic approach to meeting consumer demands.

In conclusion, Verizon’s emphasis on customer satisfaction and innovative offerings sets it apart in a competitive market. As the company explores new opportunities in video streaming and live programming, customers can expect a continued focus on delivering excellent services tailored to their evolving needs. For the latest updates and offerings from Verizon, visit their website for more information.


  1. What entertainment incentives does AT&T offer?
    AT&T provides HBO and access to “Game of Thrones” for customers who sign up.
  2. What does T-Mobile offer its family plan customers?
    T-Mobile offers Netflix subscriptions to its family plan users.
  3. What acquisitions has Verizon made in the media industry?
    Verizon has acquired companies like AOL and Yahoo to expand its presence in the media sector.
  4. What is AwesomenessTV, and who is its target audience?
    AwesomenessTV is a digital media company with a strong following among younger viewers.
  5. What is Go90, and how has it performed?
    Go90 is a free mobile video service owned by Verizon, but it has struggled to attract a significant audience.
  6. How have consumers’ video-watching habits shifted towards mobile devices?
    On average, consumers spend nearly half an hour each day watching videos on their phones, reflecting a growing trend in mobile video consumption.
  7. What has contributed to Verizon’s postpaid customer growth?
    Verizon’s reintroduction of an unlimited data plan has played a significant role in attracting and retaining customers.
  8. What are some perks offered by Sprint and AT&T?
    Sprint offers a year of free service, while AT&T provides discounted access to its DirecTV Now streaming service when bundled with a phone plan.
  9. How has the rise of online video services impacted traditional pay TV providers?
    Traditional pay TV providers like Verizon have experienced a decline in video connections due to increased competition from online video streaming platforms.
  10. What is Verizon considering to enhance its entertainment offerings?
    Verizon is exploring the possibility of launching its own video-streaming service to compete with other providers in the market.
  11. What financial performance did Verizon report in the third quarter?
    Verizon reported a net profit of $3.7 billion and a revenue increase of 2.5 percent in the third quarter.
  12. How are analysts and investors responding to Verizon’s performance?
    Verizon’s shares rose by 2.4 percent in premarket trading following the company’s third-quarter earnings report.