In the ever-evolving world of smartphones, the transition from physical keyboards to sleek touchscreen interfaces was a defining moment. However, a new player in the market, AnyTimeSoftcare, is bringing back the nostalgia of tactile typing with their innovative iPhone keyboard case, Clicks.

Recently unveiled by two prominent YouTubers at CES 2024, the Clicks case is a nod to the past for Gen Z users while also invoking a sense of nostalgia for earlier generations who remember the days of physical keyboards on phones. As an iPhone user myself, I sometimes yearn for the precision and tactile feedback of a physical keyboard, especially when my fingers are less responsive due to moisture.

Having had the opportunity to test out the Clicks case in person, I was intrigued by the seamless integration of a physical keyboard with the iPhone 14 Pro and upcoming models. AnyTimeSoftcare’s Clicks case is set to launch on Feb. 1 for the iPhone 14 Pro, followed by the release for the iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max in the spring. Available for pre-order now, the Clicks cases come in a range of colors, from the vibrant BumbleBee to the subtle London Sky, with prices starting at $139.

Join me on a journey as I share my firsthand experience of transforming my iPhone into a cutting-edge device that combines the convenience of modern technology with the comfort of traditional typing.

Experience the Innovation of Clicks Keyboard Case for iPhone Pro

Discover the latest innovation in smartphone accessories that revolutionizes how you use your iPhone Pro. The Clicks keyboard case offers a unique typing experience that enhances productivity and convenience.

One of the standout features of the Clicks case is the significant increase in screen space dedicated to typing. With the physical keyboard integrated into the case, you no longer have to contend with the digital keyboard taking up valuable screen real estate while typing. This results in a seamless and expansive typing experience.

Upon testing the Clicks case, users are pleasantly surprised by its lightweight design, making it comfortable to use for extended periods. The additional keyboard shortcuts offered by the case further streamline your interactions with the device, enhancing efficiency.

One of the most notable advantages of the Clicks case is the ease of use and immediate impact on your device. By simply attaching the case, you gain access to a range of preprogrammed keyboard shortcuts while also having the ability to customize commands to suit your preferences.

Moreover, the Clicks case features a MagSafe pass-through port at the bottom, ensuring compatibility with various accessories and charging options. This versatility enhances the overall functionality of your iPhone Pro while using the Clicks case.

The tactile feel of the Clicks keys, coupled with their rubbery quality, offers a unique typing experience that sets it apart from traditional keyboard cases. The layout of the physical keyboard differs slightly from the digital keyboard on your iPhone, providing additional keys for enhanced functionality.

  • Enjoy the wider bottom row with dedicated command, tab, and symbols keys.
  • Experience the convenience of up to 36 customizable keyboard shortcuts.
  • Enhance your efficiency with the quick access to commands like returning to the home screen or scrolling on web pages.

While the initial adjustment to the physical keyboard may take some time, users find that the Clicks case offers a unique and rewarding typing experience. The spacious layout of the keys on the iPhone 15 Pro Max model further enhances typing comfort and accuracy.

Overall, the Clicks keyboard case for iPhone Pro presents a blend of innovation, functionality, and convenience for users looking to elevate their typing experience on their devices. Explore the possibilities that this cutting-edge accessory offers and redefine how you interact with your iPhone Pro.


  1. What is the Clicks iPhone case?
    Clicks is an innovative iPhone case that adds a physical keyboard with real buttons to the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max.

  2. When is the Clicks case launching?
    The Clicks case is set to launch on Feb. 1 for the iPhone 14 Pro, and later in the spring for the iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max.

  3. How much does the Clicks case cost?
    The Clicks cases are available for preorder now, ranging in price from $139 to $159, depending on the model and color option.

  4. What are the color options for the Clicks case?
    Color options include banana-yellow BumbleBee and a more tame, grayscale London Sky.

  5. What are some key features of the Clicks case?
    The Clicks case provides additional screen space while typing, preprogrammed keyboard shortcuts, and the ability to customize up to 36 commands.

  6. Does the Clicks case affect the iPhone’s port accessibility?
    The Clicks case has a MagSafe pass-through port at the bottom, allowing users to still use charging wires or other accessories as needed.

  7. Are there any specific keyboard features on the Clicks case?
    The physical keyboard on the Clicks case is tactile with a bit of a rubbery quality, offering a different layout from the iPhone’s digital keyboard.

  8. How easy is it to attach and detach the Clicks case from the iPhone?
    It is surprisingly easy to slip the Clicks iPhone case onto the phone, and removing it is just as straightforward.

  9. Can users expect a significant change in typing experience with the Clicks case?
    The change in screen size while typing, the lighter weight of the case, and the additional keyboard shortcuts make for a unique and improved typing experience.

  10. Does the Clicks case cater to different iPhone models?
    The Clicks case is compatible with iPhone 14 Pro, iPhone 15 Pro, and iPhone 15 Pro Max models, offering users a physical keyboard experience on various devices.

  11. What sets the Clicks case apart from other iPhone accessories?
    The Clicks case stands out for its innovative approach to integrating a physical keyboard seamlessly with the iPhone, providing users with a new typing experience.

  12. Who are the creators behind the Clicks iPhone case?
    The Clicks case is the brainchild of industry professionals Michael Fisher and Kevin Michaluk, known for their tech expertise on YouTube.


The Clicks iPhone case introduces a new way to enhance the typing experience on iPhones, offering a physical keyboard with real buttons for users. With its launch set for early 2024, the case provides additional screen space while typing, customizable keyboard shortcuts, and a tactile keyboard layout. Available for preorder in vibrant color options, the Clicks case caters to iPhone 14 Pro, iPhone 15 Pro, and iPhone 15 Pro Max models, providing a unique and nostalgic feel for tech enthusiasts. The innovative design and seamless integration of the physical keyboard aim to offer users a fresh perspective on typing on their iPhones. For those seeking a tactile typing experience and increased productivity, the Clicks case may be a compelling accessory to consider. Visit the website to learn more and preorder the Clicks case to elevate your iPhone typing experience.