AT&T’s recent update to smartphone pricing has stirred up a lot of discussion among consumers. Some see the shift as a positive move that better aligns costs with data usage, while others have concerns about potential impacts on innovation and application usage.


  1. What changes did AT&T make to its smartphone pricing?

    • AT&T has replaced its unlimited data plan with two-tiered data plan options: DataPlus for 200MB at $15/month and DataPro for 2GB at $25/month.
  2. Who does the new pricing affect?

    • New AT&T smartphone subscribers from June 7 onwards will be on the new plans. Existing subscribers can stick to their current unlimited plans until contract renewal.
  3. What happens if I exceed my data limit?

    • Additional charges apply based on the plan: $15 for 200MB (DataPlus) and $10 for 1GB (DataPro).
  4. Can I switch plans if I anticipate exceeding my limit?

    • Yes, subscribers can proactively switch plans online to avoid overage fees.
  5. How can I monitor my data usage?

    • Subscribers can check their usage online and receive alerts at 60%, 90%, and 100% of their data package.
  6. What’s the average data consumption for smartphone users?

    • On average, iPhone users use 400MB/month, while other smartphone users typically range from 40MB to 80MB/month.
  7. Is data usage increasing?

    • Yes, data consumption on smartphones has been rising, driven by streaming applications and larger devices like the iPad.
  8. Should iPhone users be concerned?

    • Most users are likely to stay under the 2GB limit and potentially save money with the new pricing model.
  9. Who will be most impacted by these changes?

    • Heavy data users, including iPad owners and those tethering their devices for internet access, will feel the effects more.
  10. What applications could push me towards the 2GB cap?

    • Streaming services like Netflix, music apps such as Pandora, and data-intensive apps like Google Maps and Skype could consume significant data.
  11. How can I ensure I don’t exceed my data limit?

    • Use Wi-Fi hotspots and limit data-heavy activities on the 3G network, like downloading large files.
  12. What’s the deal with tethering and using a smartphone as a modem?

    • AT&T offers tethering with a $20 fee and requires the $25 DataPro plan limited to 2GB/month, shared between the smartphone and connected devices.


The recent changes in AT&T’s smartphone pricing have sparked varied reactions among consumers. While the new tiered data plans aim to align costs with usage, concerns linger about potential impacts on heavy data users and those accessing the internet via tethering. As data consumption trends upward, it becomes crucial for subscribers to monitor their usage and consider adjusting their plans accordingly to avoid overage fees. By understanding their data habits and utilizing Wi-Fi where possible, users can navigate these changes effectively. Overall, while these pricing adjustments reflect industry shifts towards usage-based models, staying informed and proactive can help consumers make the most of their data plans.

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