Exciting news for tech enthusiasts as the prospect of a foldable iPhone becomes a reality by 2020. Apple is rumored to be on the verge of introducing a groundbreaking iPhone model that incorporates a foldable design, as revealed by analysts from Bank of America Merrill Lynch (via CNBC). These insights are derived from reputable sources within Apple’s supply chain.

The concept of a foldable iPhone opens up a realm of possibilities, potentially transforming the way we interact with our smartphones. Drawing inspiration from the ZTE Axon M released in 2017, which featured a dual-screen design, the foldable iPhone aims to provide users with a unique experience akin to using an iPad tablet. This innovative approach not only enhances functionality but also enables new features such as seamless multitasking, content mirroring between screens, and maximizing app display across the expanded screen space.

If a foldable iPhone piques your curiosity, you might be thrilled to know that Apple may be gearing up to unveil one in 2020. According to analysts from Bank of America Merrill Lynch, Apple is considering the release of a foldable iPhone, with insights sourced from various Apple suppliers. This innovative device could offer a unique user experience by transforming from a traditional iPhone into a tablet-like device, similar to an iPad.

The concept of a folding iPhone draws parallels to the ZTE Axon M, a dual-screen smartphone that unfolds into a larger screen for enhanced functionality, such as multitasking and screen mirroring. This design opens up possibilities for users to make the most of their device by enlarging apps across the expanded display space.

Foldable phones represent a new frontier in smartphone technology, allowing manufacturers to explore novel hardware configurations and sensor integrations. As a key player in the smartphone industry, Apple’s potential entry into the foldable phone market could lend credibility to the concept, propelling it from a niche innovation to a mainstream product.

Samsung, Apple’s primary competitor, has also been actively developing foldable phones, with rumors suggesting an imminent release. Samsung’s approach involves leveraging flexible OLED technology to create a seamless folding display. Likewise, Chinese smartphone giant Huawei is reportedly exploring foldable design possibilities.

Apple’s existing expertise in OLED technology, demonstrated in devices like the iPhone X, positions the company well to venture into foldable displays. Speculation suggests that the 2020 foldable iPhone could feature a flexible OLED display that elegantly folds inward, building on Apple’s portfolio of innovative patents.

Collaboration reports between Apple and LG’s OLED division further fuel the anticipation for a foldable iPhone, potentially supplied with cutting-edge foldable screens. While foldable phones may evoke nostalgia for classic clamshell designs, they represent a groundbreaking shift in smartphone evolution. The groundwork laid by industry leaders like Samsung, Huawei, and Apple hints at the exciting possibilities that lie ahead.

As the story continues to unfold, the prospect of a foldable iPhone presents an intriguing glimpse into the future of mobile technology. Stay tuned for updates on this transformative development.


  1. What is a foldable iPhone, and when is it expected to be released?
    A foldable iPhone is a concept device that transitions from a traditional smartphone into a tablet-like form. Analysts suggest that Apple may unveil a foldable iPhone as early as 2020.

  2. How does the design of a folding iPhone differ from conventional smartphones?
    A folding iPhone offers a unique form factor that allows users to expand the screen size for enhanced functionality, reminiscent of a tablet experience.

  3. What role does the ZTE Axon M play in the development of foldable phones?
    The ZTE Axon M, known for its dual-screen design, serves as a reference point for exploring the possibilities of multitasking and screen mirroring on foldable devices.

  4. Why are foldable phones considered innovative in the smartphone industry?
    Foldable phones represent a new frontier in smartphone technology, enabling manufacturers to experiment with diverse hardware configurations and sensor integrations.

  5. Which other tech giants are working on foldable phone designs?
    Besides Apple, Samsung and Huawei are actively developing foldable phone prototypes, showcasing the industry’s collective push towards innovation.

  6. How does Apple’s expertise in OLED technology contribute to the development of a foldable iPhone?
    Apple’s proficiency in flexible OLED displays, as seen in devices like the iPhone X, positions the company favorably to explore foldable display options.

  7. What collaborative efforts are underway for the production of foldable screens for future iPhones?
    Reports suggest that Apple is collaborating with LG’s OLED division to procure cutting-edge foldable screens for potential use in upcoming iPhone models.

  8. What impact could a foldable iPhone have on the smartphone market?
    The introduction of a foldable iPhone by Apple could validate and popularize the concept, potentially transforming it from a niche innovation to a mainstream product.

  9. How do foldable phones represent a departure from traditional smartphone designs?
    Foldable phones challenge conventional smartphone norms by offering users a versatile device that can adapt to different usage scenarios.

  10. What are the potential benefits of a foldable iPhone for users?
    A foldable iPhone presents users with increased screen real estate, enhanced multitasking capabilities, and a transformative user experience.

  11. Are there any challenges associated with the development of foldable phones?
    The production of foldable phones necessitates overcoming technical hurdles related to durability, screen flexibility, and overall device reliability.

  12. How can consumers stay informed about the latest updates on foldable iPhone developments?
    Stay connected with reputable tech news sources and Apple’s official announcements to receive timely updates on the progress of foldable iPhone developments.


The prospect of a foldable iPhone entering the smartphone market in 2020 has sparked a wave of anticipation among tech enthusiasts. Apple’s potential foray into foldable phone technology, as hinted by reports from analysts and industry sources, signals a significant shift in the smartphone landscape.

With competitors like Samsung and Huawei also exploring foldable phone designs, the industry is abuzz with innovative possibilities. The concept of a foldable iPhone not only showcases Apple’s commitment to pushing boundaries but also underscores the potential for transformative user experiences.

As Apple delves deeper into OLED technology and forges collaborations with industry partners like LG, the vision of a foldable iPhone with a flexible folding display edges closer to reality. This evolution represents a departure from traditional smartphone designs, offering users a glimpse into the future of mobile technology.

For readers keen on staying abreast of the latest developments in the foldable phone space, tracking updates from reliable sources and industry insights will be key. As the narrative unfolds, the emergence of a foldable iPhone holds the promise of redefining smartphone innovation and setting new standards in user experience.

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