Verizon Wireless emerges once again as the top carrier in the United States, as indicated by a recent study from J.D. Power and Associates. According to J.D. Power’s “U.S. 2011 Wireless Network Quality Performance Study-Volume 2,” Verizon secured the highest ranking for network reliability in the Northeast region for an impressive 14th consecutive time. Customers reported fewer issues such as dropped calls, transmission failures, initial connection problems, and delayed text messages with Verizon compared to other carriers.

Beyond the Northeast, Verizon also claimed the top spot in regions including Mid-Atlantic, Southeast, Southwest, and Western U.S. However, in the North Central region, U.S. Cellular maintained its position at number one for the 12th year running with customers experiencing fewer problems like dropped calls and audio issues.

When comparing other major carriers nationwide, AT&T ranked poorly in terms of reliability across most regions except Mid-Atlantic and Southwest where it placed second behind Verizon. Sprint Nextel performed well in the Northeast but faced challenges elsewhere while T-Mobile showed strength behind Verizon in Southeast and West regions but struggled overall.

Verizon has consistently shown excellence in performance, reliability, and customer care throughout various J.D. Power studies when pitted against its competitors.

J.D. Power’s evaluation of wireless carrier reliability considered several factors including dropped calls, audio quality problems, failed voice mails or late deliveries among others. Interestingly smartphone users encountered more issues than traditional phone owners reaffirming that complexity often leads to more complications.

The survey encompassed feedback from 22,110 wireless customers gathered between January and June of 2011 revealing regional differences with customers experiencing minimal problems in areas like Salt Lake City while facing more challenges in places like Sacramento.


  1. How does J.D.Power determine network quality rankings?
    J.D.Power evaluates network quality based on criteria such as dropped calls,
    audio issues,and connectivity problems reported by consumers through surveys.

  2. Why is Verizon consistently rated highly for network reliability?
    Customers report fewer instances of service interruptions such as call drops
    or delayed messages when using Verizon compared to other carriers.

  3. Which region did U.S.Cellular excel according to J.D.Power’s study?
    U.S.Cellular performed exceptionally well maintaining a top ranking
    for reliable services especially noted for limited call dropouts
    and clear voice communications.

  4. In which areas did AT&T rank higher compared to competitors?
    AT&T excelled particularly within certain regions notably attaining
    second place after Verizon demonstrating improved service caliber
    in specific markets.

  5. What are some common complaints highlighted by wireless users?
    Common user grievances include recurrent technical glitches like signal
    instability,lack of voicemail delivery,messaging delays,suggesting room
    for industry-wide improvements regarding service standards

  6. Does customer device type impact service satisfaction levels?
    Smartphone users appear inclined towards encountering higher issue rates
    due to extensive feature sets possibly linked with heightened failure risks

  7. How did surveyed individuals rate their overall experience with wireless providers?

  8. What can companies do to improve their network performance based on findings?

9 )How important are consumer opinions within survey assessments conducted by firms like JDPower?

10 )What technological advancements could help reduce prevalent cellular communication disruptions?

11 )Are there any alternative strategies overlooked regarding enhancing existing telecom infrastructure durability?

12 )How do national market conditions influence varying regional provider performances?


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