SAN DIEGO – Verizon Wireless is making significant strides in transitioning the majority of its data traffic to the advanced 4G LTE network, according to Verizon Wireless Chief Technology Officer Nicola Palmer. Speaking at a press conference during CTIA’s MobileCon tradeshow in San Diego, Palmer highlighted the company’s achievements in deploying its LTE network. She revealed that Verizon would soon be launching its 400th market, surpassing expectations by being two months ahead of schedule in its 4G LTE rollout.


  1. What is Verizon Wireless’s progress with its 4G LTE network deployment?
    Verizon Wireless has made significant progress with its 4G LTE network deployment, with plans to launch its 400th market ahead of schedule.

  2. How much of Verizon’s mobile data traffic currently travels over the 4G LTE network?
    As of September, 35 percent of Verizon’s mobile data traffic travels over the 4G LTE network, with expectations for the majority of data traffic to utilize this network soon.

  3. How does Verizon’s current 4G LTE deployment compare to its past 3G network rollout?
    Verizon has experienced faster growth in LTE traffic compared to its previous 3G network deployment, showcasing the success of its aggressive LTE rollout strategy.

  4. What competitive advantage does Verizon currently hold in terms of LTE deployment?
    Verizon is ahead of competitors AT&T and Sprint Nextel in LTE deployment, positioning itself for further growth with the anticipated surge in LTE traffic from the iPhone 5 sales.

  5. What impact will the iPhone 5 have on Verizon’s LTE network?
    The introduction of the LTE-enabled iPhone 5 is expected to accelerate LTE traffic growth for Verizon, with millions of iPhone 5s sales projected to contribute to increased network traffic.

  6. When will Verizon have 4G LTE coverage in all areas currently served by 3G?
    Verizon aims to have 4G LTE coverage in all regions where it currently offers 3G service by the end of next year, emphasizing a seamless transition to advanced network technology.

  7. What are Verizon’s plans for expanding network capacity?
    Verizon plans to enhance network capacity by adding additional wireless spectrum, particularly in densely populated urban areas. The acquisition of AWS spectrum from the SpectrumCo. cable consortium will bolster network capacity.

  8. When will Verizon begin utilizing AWS spectrum for its 4G LTE network?
    Verizon expects to start using AWS spectrum by the middle of 2013, with ongoing deployments planned through the end of next year. Devices supporting AWS 4G LTE will be integrated into Verizon’s network next year.

  9. How will Verizon incorporate AWS spectrum into existing cell sites?
    Verizon will enhance existing cell sites by integrating AWS spectrum, with deployments scheduled for mid-to-late next year. Technical trials are already underway, with compatible devices set to launch next year.

  10. What is Verizon’s strategy for future LTE network capacity enhancements?
    Verizon plans to explore LTE Advanced technology to boost network capacity, emphasizing the importance of addressing both coverage and capacity needs as data consumption grows.

Verizon Wireless continues to lead the way in advancing its 4G LTE network deployment, surpassing milestones and setting the stage for enhanced network capabilities. With a strategic focus on expanding network capacity through the integration of AWS spectrum and future LTE Advanced technology, Verizon is committed to providing customers with a seamless and efficient network experience. As the company gears up for widespread 4G LTE coverage and capacity enhancements, consumers can expect improved connectivity and performance across Verizon’s expanding network infrastructure. Stay informed about Verizon’s latest developments and advancements in network technology for a seamless and enhanced mobile experience.

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