Verizon Wireless Supports Communities Affected by Hurricane Sandy

Verizon Wireless is actively assisting individuals impacted by Hurricane Sandy in New York and New Jersey by providing essential communication services to help them stay connected with their loved ones during this challenging time.


  1. What is Verizon Wireless doing to help Hurricane Sandy victims in New York and New Jersey?
    Verizon Wireless has set up Wireless Emergency Communication Centers (WECCs) in strategic locations such as Staten Island, Monmouth University in New Jersey, and Toms River, N.J. These centers offer public access to device charging, computer workstations, and wireless phones for individuals to reach out to their family and friends.

  2. Where can individuals find these Wireless Emergency Communication Centers?
    The Wireless Emergency Communication Centers can be found in Staten Island, Monmouth University in New Jersey, and two locations in Toms River, N.J.

  3. What additional support is Verizon Wireless providing to affected communities?
    In addition to the WECCs, Verizon has deployed mobile stores-on-wheels in Staten Island, Sea Girt, N.J., and Howell, N.J., to serve as fully functioning Verizon Wireless Stores. The company is also offering free device charging and domestic calling at open stores in the Northeast.

  4. How is Verizon ensuring service continuity for its customers?
    Verizon is working to reopen stores throughout the affected areas and restock inventory to meet customer demands. The company’s wireless network has remained operational, with 96 percent of cell sites currently up and running.

  5. How does Verizon’s service compare to other carriers in the region?
    Verizon Wireless has seen relatively better service continuity compared to other carriers in parts of New York and New Jersey affected by the storm. However, there have been reports of service disruptions in areas like Long Island, N.Y., and Lower Manhattan.

  6. What measures is Verizon taking to restore services fully?
    Verizon is focused on restoring service for 100 percent of its customers by deploying emergency network assets such as cell sites on wheels and mobile generators to strengthen its network resilience.

  7. Are other wireless carriers also providing support to affected communities?
    Yes, other wireless carriers like AT&T have mobilized emergency trucks and resources to help customers without power and wireless service in areas impacted by Hurricane Sandy.


Verizon Wireless has taken proactive steps to support communities affected by Hurricane Sandy in New York and New Jersey. By establishing Wireless Emergency Communication Centers and mobile stores-on-wheels, the company is offering essential services like device charging and communication facilities to help individuals stay connected during this challenging time. While service disruptions have been reported in some areas, Verizon is working diligently to restore services fully and ensure network stability. Other wireless carriers are also providing support to impacted communities, demonstrating solidarity in times of crisis.

For more information and updates on Verizon Wireless’s initiatives in response to Hurricane Sandy, please visit the company’s official website.