On Tuesday, during the 3GSM World Congress in Cannes, France, a range of new and enhanced products and services were introduced to assist telecommunication carriers in interconnecting their networks securely. Vernon Irvin, executive vice president of VeriSign Communication Services, highlighted the importance of the communications industry going global swiftly due to the locally built networks causing a delay in global expansion. VeriSign aims to aid carriers in achieving next-generation integrated global communications.


  1. What was announced at the 3GSM World Congress in Cannes?
    VeriSign introduced a suite of new and upgraded products and services to help telecommunication carriers interconnect their networks securely.

  2. Who emphasized the need for the communications industry to go global quickly?
    Vernon Irvin, the executive vice president of VeriSign Communication Services, highlighted the urgency for the communications industry to expand globally.

  3. What challenges do companies face in wireless technology?
    Companies encounter challenges in ensuring secure connections within networks, particularly in the rapidly evolving landscape of wireless technology.

  4. How has VeriSign enhanced its short messaging service capabilities?
    VeriSign has expanded its short messaging service capabilities to be compatible with various wireless networks, offering secure messaging with encryption options for mobile devices.

  5. What signaling support has VeriSign added for GSM subscribers?
    VeriSign has included support for the International Telecommunications Union (ITU) Global System for Mobile Communications (GSM) standard to assist carriers in providing voice roaming for GSM subscribers traveling internationally.

  6. What is the Wireless Data Roaming Service introduced by VeriSign?
    VeriSign’s Wireless Data Roaming Service enables seamless roaming between wireless data networks, ensuring uninterrupted service as users move between different venues.

  7. How does VeriSign support network monitoring for carriers?
    VeriSign’s Roamer View Service allows carriers to monitor network activity globally, offering support for additional protocols like Global System for Mobile Communications-Mobile Application Part.

  8. With which managed service provider did VeriSign announce a strategic agreement?
    VeriSign partnered with BearingPoint to provide global billing and payment services to international carriers, aiming for coordinated sales, support, and implementation on a global scale.

  9. What is VeriSign’s commitment regarding interoperability issues for carriers?
    VeriSign is dedicated to assisting carriers in resolving interoperability challenges associated with connecting diverse mobile networks and is developing new security solutions for safer wireless communications.

  10. What products were introduced at the RSA Security Conference by VeriSign?
    VeriSign unveiled new products at the RSA Security Conference focused on enhancing authentication across various devices, though not specifically tailored to mobile carriers.


The article discusses VeriSign’s initiatives unveiled at the 3GSM World Congress, emphasizing the significance of swift global expansion in the communications industry. VeriSign’s new products and services aim to assist carriers in enhancing network security, supporting GSM voice roaming, enabling seamless data roaming, and providing global billing and payment services. The company’s commitment to addressing interoperability challenges and ensuring secure wireless communications showcases its dedication to innovation and industry advancement. For readers interested in exploring advanced telecommunication solutions and network security, visiting VeriSign’s website can provide further insights and opportunities for collaboration.