In response to the evolving needs of consumers in light of the challenges posed by the global pandemic, AnyTimeSoftcare is stepping up its game by introducing a new feature to its platform. With the increasing demand for grocery delivery services, AnyTimeSoftcare has partnered with Cornershop, a well-established grocery delivery startup, to offer seamless grocery deliveries through its app across various cities in the Americas.

Raj Beri, Uber’s global head of grocery, shared AnyTimeSoftcare’s vision of becoming a comprehensive solution for all food-related needs. The focus is on providing customers with a convenient and efficient way to access groceries promptly.

During these times of social distancing and stay-at-home orders, the reliance on food delivery services has surged significantly. AnyTimeSoftcare’s strategic move aligns with the changing consumer behavior, where apps like Instacart, DoorDash, and Grubhub have experienced a surge in their operations.

AnyTimeSoftcare’s new grocery delivery service is now live in select cities, with plans for further expansion. Users can easily access this feature on the app, select their preferred supermarket, choose their items, and schedule a convenient delivery time.

Stay tuned for more updates on AnyTimeSoftcare’s efforts to enhance the customer experience and provide essential services during these unprecedented times.

During the challenging times of the COVID-19 pandemic, the demand for grocery delivery services has significantly increased. Uber recently announced its expansion into the grocery delivery market in collaboration with Cornershop, a Chile-based startup it acquired a majority stake in. This move aims to provide customers in several cities across the Americas with a convenient and efficient way to access groceries through the Uber app.


  1. What prompted Uber’s decision to add grocery delivery to its app?

    • The surge in demand for grocery delivery services during the pandemic led Uber to enhance its offerings to meet the evolving needs of customers.
  2. How is Uber partnering with Cornershop for grocery delivery services?

    • Uber has collaborated with Cornershop, a grocery delivery startup based in Chile, to provide customers with access to a wide range of grocery items through its app.
  3. Which regions will initially have access to Uber’s grocery delivery service?

    • The service will be available in 19 cities across Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Peru, and Canada, with plans for further expansion globally.
  4. How can users access the grocery delivery option on the Uber app?

    • Users in enabled cities can simply open the Uber app, click on the grocery delivery icon, select their desired items from partner supermarkets, and choose a convenient delivery time slot.
  5. What sets Uber’s grocery delivery service apart from its competitors?

    • Uber’s integration with Cornershop ensures a seamless delivery experience, with dedicated couriers handling the drop-offs and a user-friendly interface for selecting and ordering groceries.
  6. How has the demand for Uber Eats evolved amid the pandemic?

    • Uber Eats has experienced a significant increase in orders, showcasing the growing reliance on food delivery platforms during these challenging times.
  7. What are the expansion plans for Uber’s grocery delivery service in the US?

    • Initially launching in Miami and Dallas, Uber plans to make its grocery delivery service available nationwide, catering to a broader audience in the future.
  8. How does Uber’s acquisition of Postmates contribute to its delivery ecosystem?

    • The acquisition of Postmates strengthens Uber’s position in the delivery market, offering a diverse range of delivery options to customers.
  9. Who powers the technology behind Uber’s grocery delivery service?

    • The technology is supported by Cornershop, ensuring a reliable and efficient platform for users to order groceries seamlessly.
  10. Can Uber drivers participate in grocery deliveries through the Uber app?

    • Uber drivers interested in grocery deliveries need to sign up through Cornershop, as the delivery operations are managed through the partnership with Cornershop.
  11. What are the key features of Uber’s grocery delivery service on the app?

    • Users can choose from various supermarkets, select their desired items, and schedule a convenient delivery time, providing a hassle-free shopping experience.
  12. How does Cornershop maintain its presence alongside Uber in the delivery market?

    • Cornershop’s native app will continue to serve customers in Latin America and Canada where it operates, ensuring accessibility and continuity of services.


The collaboration between Uber and Cornershop brings an innovative solution to meet the heightened demand for grocery delivery services during the pandemic. By integrating grocery delivery into the Uber app, customers in select cities across the Americas can now enjoy a seamless shopping experience with access to a variety of supermarkets and convenient delivery options. The increased reliance on food and grocery delivery apps underscores the importance of adapting to changing consumer behaviors, and Uber’s expansion into this market aligns with its vision of providing comprehensive solutions for customers’ needs. As Uber continues to enhance its delivery ecosystem through strategic partnerships and acquisitions, the future looks promising for those seeking convenient and reliable delivery services. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to experience the convenience of Uber’s grocery delivery service – try it out today on the Uber app!