Are you finding it challenging to precisely place the cursor on your iPhone when typing or editing text? While iPhones offer a plethora of features, the stock keyboard functionality often falls short, leading to frustration among users. One common issue reported is the difficulty in accurately positioning the cursor, causing inconvenience during text input or edits.

The traditional method of tapping and holding on the screen to activate a magnifying bubble may not always yield the desired results. However, there’s a lesser-known trick that can simplify cursor movement within iOS, even on older software versions such as iOS 15. If you’re eager to enhance your typing experience on your iPhone, understanding how to unlock and utilize the hidden trackpad can be a game-changer.

By activating the hidden trackpad feature, you can significantly improve your typing precision and efficiency. Stay tuned to discover how to access this hidden gem on your iPhone and revolutionize your typing experience.Smart Tips for Efficiently Using the iPhone Keyboard

Despite the numerous impressive features that come with your iPhone, the stock keyboard often receives criticism for various reasons. From sluggish performance to the awkward placement of punctuation marks, one common frustration users encounter is the challenge of precisely positioning the cursor for typing or editing text.

The traditional method of tapping and holding on the screen to activate a magnifying bubble can be cumbersome, especially when you struggle to place the cursor accurately. Fortunately, there’s a lesser-known technique for maneuvering the cursor while typing on iOS devices, which works seamlessly even on older software versions like iOS 15.

Unlocking and utilizing your iPhone’s hidden trackpad can significantly enhance your typing experience. When activated, the keyboard transforms, allowing for more precise cursor control without the usual frustrations.

How to Enhance Typing Efficiency on Your iPhone or iPad

Discover the hidden trackpad feature on your iOS device with these simple steps:

  1. Activate the Hidden Trackpad: While typing a block of text, bring up the keyboard and press and hold your finger on the space key until the keyboard blanks out. You’ll feel a slight haptic feedback and see the cursor enlarge momentarily, indicating that the keyboard now functions as a trackpad.

  2. Cursor Control: Keeping your finger pressed on the screen, glide it across the keyboard to move the cursor smoothly, similar to using a trackpad on a Mac.

  3. Placing the Cursor: To position the cursor, lift your finger off the screen. You can then utilize keys like Delete to make edits within the text. If you need to readjust the cursor, press down on the space key to reactivate the hidden trackpad.

By mastering this hidden feature, you can streamline your typing and editing tasks on your iOS device effectively. For more insightful tips and tricks, explore additional hidden iPhone features like quickly identifying songs and engaging in secret conversations within the Notes app. If you’re an Apple computer user, delve into seven of the best hidden features on your Mac.


  1. **Is the hidden trackpad feature available on all iPhone models?
    Yes, the hidden trackpad feature is accessible on various iPhone models, including older versions running iOS 15 and newer editions.

  2. **Can I use the hidden trackpad for text editing in third-party apps?
    Absolutely, the hidden trackpad functionality extends to text editing in third-party applications, providing enhanced cursor control across various platforms.

  3. **Does activating the hidden trackpad affect the overall keyboard performance?
    Activating the hidden trackpad on your iPhone does not compromise the keyboard’s performance. Instead, it offers a convenient way to maneuver the cursor with precision.

  4. **Are there additional gestures supported by the hidden trackpad feature?
    While the primary gesture involves using the space key to activate the hidden trackpad, users can explore other intuitive gestures for cursor control, enhancing the overall typing experience.

  5. **Can I customize the sensitivity of the hidden trackpad on my iPhone?
    The sensitivity of the hidden trackpad on your iPhone is optimized for efficient cursor control. However, users can explore accessibility settings to adjust sensitivity based on personal preferences.

  6. **Is the hidden trackpad feature exclusive to iPhones, or can it be used on iPads as well?
    The hidden trackpad feature is not limited to iPhones; it is also available on iPads, offering a seamless typing and editing experience across different iOS devices.

  7. **Does the hidden trackpad feature consume additional battery power on the iPhone?
    Activating the hidden trackpad feature on your iPhone has a minimal impact on battery consumption, ensuring that you can utilize this functionality without significant power drain.

  8. **Can I disable the hidden trackpad feature if I prefer the conventional cursor control method?
    Users have the flexibility to enable or disable the hidden trackpad feature based on their preferences, allowing for a personalized typing experience on iOS devices.

  9. **Are there any potential drawbacks to using the hidden trackpad feature on the iPhone?
    While the hidden trackpad feature offers enhanced cursor control, some users may require a brief adjustment period to familiarize themselves with this functionality. However, the benefits of precise cursor placement typically outweigh any initial learning curve.

  10. **Does the hidden trackpad feature support multiple languages and keyboard layouts on iOS devices?
    The hidden trackpad feature is designed to work seamlessly with various languages and keyboard layouts on iOS devices, ensuring universal accessibility and convenience for users worldwide.

  11. **Can the hidden trackpad feature be used in conjunction with voice-to-text dictation on the iPhone?
    The hidden trackpad feature complements voice-to-text dictation on the iPhone, providing users with versatile input options for typing, editing, and navigating text content.

  12. **How often is the hidden trackpad feature updated by Apple to address user feedback and enhance functionality?
    Apple regularly updates its iOS platform, including hidden features like the trackpad functionality, to improve user experience and incorporate valuable feedback from the community, ensuring continuous enhancement and innovation in typing capabilities on iPhones and iPads.


Efficiently utilizing the hidden trackpad feature on your iPhone or iPad can revolutionize your typing and editing experience, enabling precise cursor control and seamless text manipulation. By following simple steps to activate the hidden trackpad, users can enjoy enhanced productivity and convenience while engaging with text content on their iOS devices.

Enhance your typing efficiency and discover the hidden capabilities of your iPhone’s keyboard by mastering the trackpad functionality. Explore additional hidden features and tips to elevate your iOS experience further, unlocking new ways to optimize your device’s potential.

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