We’re getting a sneak peek into what Nothing, the innovative tech company founded by Carl Pei, formerly of OnePlus, has in store. The company, revealed earlier this year, is diligently working on a product lineup set to debut this summer. While we anticipate true wireless headphones as one of their offerings, the specifics have been shrouded in mystery.

Recently, Nothing shared the first conceptual image showcasing their design ethos, accompanied by a blog post penned by founder Carl Pei. The image features a transparent earbud labeled as Concept 1, sporting a distinctive red, white, and black bullseye design at its core, with the word “Nothing” subtly etched on the inner module.

Concept 1 is a creation of Nothing’s Head of Design, Tom Howard, who also collaborates with Teenage Engineering, a key partner of Nothing based in Sweden. Teenage Engineering is renowned for crafting retro, minimalist synthesizers favored by notable musicians like Bon Iver and Beck.

However, it’s important to note that Concept 1 doesn’t represent a specific upcoming product but rather encapsulates the design principles Nothing is striving towards. Although the true wireless headphones will share similar design elements, the final product will undoubtedly have its unique flair.

Central to Nothing’s design philosophy is the concept of weightlessness, emphasizing the removal of unnecessary elements in the product design, including excessive branding. Carl Pei articulated, “We dedicate as much effort to subtracting from a product as we do to adding to it.” Additionally, the ethos of effortlessness aims to ensure that using their products is intuitive and hassle-free. Lastly, the aspiration for timelessness involves drawing inspiration from the past without appearing outdated. In the instance of Concept 1, the inspiration was drawn from a “grandmother’s tobacco pipe,” as shared by Pei.

Pei expressed enthusiasm about unveiling their creations this summer, emphasizing that these guiding principles are at the core of their product development journey. The anticipation is building, and we can’t wait to witness the evolution of Nothing’s vision through their upcoming product releases. Exciting times lie ahead for tech enthusiasts and design aficionados alike.