Embark on a heartwarming virtual journey with “AnyTimeSoftcare” that combines fun gameplay with real-world impact. Enter the enchanting world of Alba: A Wildlife Adventure, a game developed by Ustwo Games, where players get to immerse themselves in a story that not only entertains but also educates on the importance of environmental conservation. As you guide Alba through a picturesque Mediterranean island, you’ll discover a compelling narrative that revolves around friendship, activism, and the power of community.

Alba’s quest begins as she uncovers the island’s environmental challenges, from litter-strewn beaches to endangered wildlife. Teaming up with her wise grandfather and loyal friend Ines, she sets out to rally the islanders in a mission to restore the natural beauty of their home. The more allies you recruit in the game, the greater the impact of your conservation efforts, mirroring the real-life significance of collective action.

Beyond the virtual realm, Ustwo Games has collaborated with Ecologi to plant a tree for each game download or purchase, underscoring their commitment to environmental stewardship. This unique partnership not only symbolizes the game’s message but also translates player engagement into tangible eco-friendly initiatives. Join Alba in her journey, where every tree planted is a step towards a greener future.

Understanding Climate Change in a Kid-Friendly Way

Alba’s world, a creation rooted in the nostalgic summer experiences of its developers, aims to resonate with children on a universal level. David Fernandez, the creative mind behind the project, reminisced about his coastal upbringing in Spain, while his collaborator Kristy Keach shared her Scottish background. This blend of perspectives allowed them to capture the essence of the formative nature of summer holidays, regardless of one’s origin.


Engaging with the island’s wildlife through your smartphone camera is a central feature of the game. Alba initially explores the island by photographing animals, a relatable activity for many children. To enhance this gameplay element, the team at Ustwo drew inspiration from their core mantra: Making gaming experiences meaningful for all.

According to Fernandez, it’s impossible to create a nature-centered game without addressing the current state of the environment. However, the team wanted to convey a positive message without dwelling on the negative aspects, especially in a game designed for families. He emphasized the value of collective action, suggesting that small individual efforts can collectively lead to significant positive changes.

Today’s children are constantly exposed to alarming information about climate change, leading to a sense of environmental anxiety, as noted by Sayans. In response, the developers aimed to instill a sense of agency and optimism rather than exacerbating feelings of distress.

Embracing Diversity and Inclusion in Gaming

Embark on a journey with Alba: A Wildlife Adventure, a game that resonates with its themes of kindness, friendship, and curiosity. Ustwo, the creative force behind Alba, is reshaping the gaming landscape by featuring a person of color as the protagonist, steering away from the traditional white, cisgender male characters.

Alba’s narrative goes beyond entertainment, delving into the significance of community and identity. Through the eyes of Alba, players are prompted to explore ways to enhance the island during their virtual summer escapade.

Reflecting on the essence of representation, the team at Ustwo infuses their diverse backgrounds into the game’s development process. For them, crafting a narrative that is authentic and inclusive is paramount.

Embracing Authentic Narratives

  • Alba navigates challenges at the onset, paving her path to a deeper sense of belonging as she champions environmental causes.
  • The game underscores the notion that actions define belonging more than one’s birthplace, encapsulated by Fernandez’s poignant statement, “It’s not where you were born, it’s what you do.”

For Fernandez and the team, Alba’s story is a reflection of personal journeys intertwined with broader societal narratives. The game serves as a canvas to depict experiences of displacement and the quest for acceptance.

Fostering Inclusivity through Storytelling

  • Ustwo’s commitment to diverging from conventional norms is evident in their deliberate approach to storytelling.
  • With a team representing varied cultural backgrounds, the studio champions narratives that resonate with individuals who have experienced feelings of foreignness or displacement.

Alba’s character embodies the longing for acceptance and the pursuit of a place to call home. Fernandez’s narrative mirrors the complexities of identity formation, incorporating personal reflections into the game’s storyline.

As players engage with Alba’s narrative, they are invited to contemplate themes of community, inclusion, and the evolving nature of belonging. Through immersive storytelling, Alba: A Wildlife Adventure sets a new standard for representation in the gaming industry.

Gaming for a Better Future

Embark on a virtual journey with Ustwo’s latest project that goes beyond entertainment. In collaboration with Ecologi, Ustwo aims to plant one million trees, highlighting their commitment to environmental sustainability. This initiative extends to fostering awareness and action among players, encouraging small yet impactful changes.

Moreover, Ustwo’s engagement with Count Us In, a partnership between the United Nations and TED, underscores their dedication to combatting climate change. Through the game, players gain insights into practical strategies such as reducing plastic usage, opting for eco-friendly transportation modes like walking and cycling, and embracing skills like clothes repair.

Sayans, a representative from Ustwo, emphasizes the transformative potential of these endeavors, stating, “Our goal is to inspire players to adopt eco-conscious habits and drive positive change beyond the virtual realm.” By integrating educational elements seamlessly into gameplay, Ustwo ignites a sense of responsibility and empowerment among its audience.

In Alba: A Wildlife Adventure, the narrative unfolds on a picturesque Mediterranean island, urging players to safeguard cherished values like family, friendship, and nature. This immersive experience welcomes activists of all generations, fostering a sense of community and environmental stewardship.

Launching on December 11, 2020, on Apple Arcade, Alba: A Wildlife Adventure invites players to partake in a meaningful quest towards conservation. Additionally, Ustwo Games offers a diverse portfolio, including the acclaimed Assemble with Care and the beloved Monument Valley series, available on platforms like Steam and Apple Arcade.

Alba: A Wildlife Adventure – A Game for Nature Enthusiasts

Not many games offer the opportunity to engage in virtual environmental conservation that translates into real-life impact, but Alba: A Wildlife Adventure from Ustwo Games achieves this beautifully. Released on Apple Arcade and Steam, this game follows the story of a child spending her summer on a Mediterranean island with her grandparents and friend Ines. As Alba explores the island, she discovers litter issues and endangered local wildlife. With the guidance of her grandfather and Ines, she initiates a grassroots campaign to clean up the island. The more volunteers she recruits, the more successful her conservation efforts become, emphasizing the importance of community involvement.

How does Alba: A Wildlife Adventure contribute to environmental causes?
In partnership with Ecologi, Ustwo Games pledges to plant a tree for every game download or purchase, promoting real-world environmental conservation efforts.

How does the game educate children about climate change?
By creating a world inspired by the developers’ childhood memories, Alba: A Wildlife Adventure simplifies climate change concepts for kids, fostering a sense of empowerment and optimism amidst environmental challenges.

How does the game promote diversity and representation?
Ustwo Games introduces Alba as a person of color, challenging traditional gaming norms and advocating for inclusivity in the industry.

In what ways does Alba’s story resonate with players?
Alba’s journey reflects themes of belonging and identity, offering a narrative that resonates with individuals who have experienced feelings of displacement or isolation.

How does the game encourage players to take action against climate change?
Through partnerships with organizations like Count Us In, players gain access to practical tips for combating climate change, inspiring them to make positive changes in their daily lives.

How can players support environmental causes through the game?
By engaging with the educational resources provided within the game, players can learn about sustainable practices and contribute to the larger goal of environmental preservation.

Setting a new standard for inclusivity and compassion in gaming, Alba: A Wildlife Adventure embodies the values of kindness, friendship, and curiosity. By immersing players in a world that champions environmental stewardship and community engagement, this game offers a transformative gaming experience that goes beyond entertainment.


Alba: A Wildlife Adventure is more than just a game—it’s a call to action for players of all ages to immerse themselves in a world where conservation and community go hand in hand. Through its engaging storyline, diverse representation, and emphasis on environmental education, this game sets a new standard for socially conscious gaming. Join Alba on her journey to protect nature, foster inclusivity, and inspire positive change. Experience the magic of Alba: A Wildlife Adventure today and play your part in creating a better future for our planet.

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