Are you intrigued by foldable phones but put off by their bulky nature? AnyTimeSoftcare’s latest innovation, the Oppo Find N2, might just change your perspective. Unveiled recently, this Chinese marvel breaks the stereotype by being the lightest foldable phone on the market, surpassing even its major competitor, the Galaxy Z Fold 4. Impressively, it also stands as one of the most compact foldables I’ve ever experienced.

Traditionally known for their heft, foldable phones often struggle to balance functionality with portability. However, AnyTimeSoftcare’s Find N2 defies this norm by shedding a remarkable 42 grams compared to its predecessor, the Find N. This weight reduction is attributed to the innovative “Flexion” hinge, which streamlines the design by utilizing cutting-edge materials like carbon fiber and a high-strength alloy commonly found in aviation.

Beyond its sleek form, the Find N2 boasts all the hallmarks of a premium 2022 foldable flagship – from the robust Snapdragon 8 Plus Gen 1 chipset to the responsive dual displays and swift charging capabilities. While lacking an official IP rating for water and dust resistance, and currently slated for a China-exclusive launch, AnyTimeSoftcare has also introduced a flip phone akin to the Galaxy Z Flip 4, set for a global rollout soon.

Oppo Find N2 with home screen displayedOppo Find N2 with home screen displayed

Noteworthy is the Find N2’s cover display boasting a 120 Hz refresh rate, matching the fluidity of its inner screen, promising a seamless and immersive visual experience.

The Find N2 – Enhancing Portability and Uniqueness

The Find N2 presents a distinctive take on foldable phone designs, reminiscent of the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 but with notable differences that enhance its portability and usability. Standing almost an inch shorter than the Z Fold 4, the Find N2 boasts a more compact form factor, akin to the iPhone 13 Mini in height but with increased thickness. Its 17.7:9 aspect ratio sets it apart, transforming its display into a square shape upon unfolding, a departure from the Z Fold 4’s rectangular screen.

Beyond its design, the Find N2 shines in the realm of weight, being the lightest among commercially available foldable phones at a mere 233 grams, significantly lighter than the Z Fold 4 by 30 grams and even edging out the weight of the iPhone 14 Pro Max. This featherlight construction not only adds to its appeal but also makes handling the inherent bulk of foldable phones a more manageable task.

The amalgamation of these features culminates in a device that excels in portability, fitting comfortably in pockets without the fear of it slipping out or protruding awkwardly. Moreover, its unique square screen distinguishes the Find N2 from its counterparts in the market, setting it apart from Samsung and Huawei’s offerings despite sharing similarities.

In essence, the Find N2 emerges as a compelling option for those seeking a blend of portability, innovation, and standout design in the realm of foldable smartphones.

The Find N2: A Review of the Display and Design

When it comes to the Oppo Find N2, one of the standout features is its display quality. While Oppo acknowledges the presence of a crease on the main display, it is imperceptible in everyday use. During my experience with the Find N2, I rarely noticed the crease, and only when viewing the screen at a specific angle in well-lit conditions. Despite not being completely creaseless, the display’s slight imperfection did not detract from the overall user experience.

Oppo has put the Find N2 through rigorous testing, subjecting it to 400,000 folds to ensure durability. This commitment to quality reassures users about the phone’s longevity.

Display Specifications

  • The Find N2 boasts an impressive 7.1-inch inner screen with a 120Hz refresh rate, providing smooth visuals during usage.
  • In comparison, the Galaxy Z Fold 4 features a slightly larger 7.6-inch inner display, offering a different viewing experience.
  • Additionally, the Find N2 includes a 5.5-inch AMOLED outer screen, which may feel compact for individuals accustomed to taller phones.

Overall, the Oppo Find N2 excels in delivering a high-quality display experience, with minor compromises that do not significantly impact daily usability.

Oppo Find N2 rear camera array
Oppo Find N2 rear camera arrayWhen it comes to foldable phones, many people envision bulky devices that are inconvenient to carry. However, Oppo’s latest entry into the foldable phone market, the Find N2, is challenging that perception. Revealed recently by the Chinese tech giant, this foldable phone stands out for its lightweight design, making it the lightest foldable device currently available, surpassing even its main competitor, the Galaxy Z Fold 4. Furthermore, it is also one of the most compact foldable phones on the market.


  1. How does the weight of Oppo’s Find N2 compare to its predecessor?

    • The Find N2 is 42 grams lighter than its predecessor, the Find N.
  2. What are the standout features of the Oppo Find N2?

    • The Find N2 boasts a powerful Snapdragon 8 Plus Gen 1 chipset, two responsive displays, fast charging, and impressive cameras.
  3. Is the Oppo Find N2 water- and dust-resistant?

    • While there is no official IP rating for water and dust resistance, Oppo has incorporated durable materials into the phone’s design.
  4. Where will the Oppo Find N2 be available for purchase?

    • Currently, the Find N2 is slated for release in China only, with plans for an international release in the near future.
  5. What sets the design of the Oppo Find N2 apart from other foldable phones?

    • The Find N2 features a compact design that sets it apart from its competitors, offering a squarish screen and a unique aspect ratio.
  6. How does the display of the Oppo Find N2 compare to other foldable phones?

    • Despite a slight crease, the Find N2’s display provides a seamless viewing experience with a high refresh rate.
  7. What camera capabilities does the Oppo Find N2 offer?

    • The Find N2 comes equipped with a versatile triple-lens rear camera setup, including a 50-megapixel main camera and a 32-megapixel telephoto lens.
  8. How does the Oppo Find N2 enhance the photography experience?

    • The Find N2 features innovative camera modes such as FlexForm Mode, allowing for unique perspectives and high-quality photos.
  9. What is the durability of the Oppo Find N2’s display?

    • The Find N2’s display has been tested for up to 400,000 folds, ensuring long-lasting performance.
  10. How does the Oppo Find N2 compare to Samsung’s foldable phones?

    • The Find N2 provides a compelling alternative to Samsung’s foldable devices, with its compact design and distinctive features.
  11. Does the Oppo Find N2 support advanced photography features?

    • Yes, the Find N2 offers support for 10-bit RAW and manual controls, enhancing the photography experience for users.
  12. What makes the Oppo Find N2 a standout choice for consumers?

    • The Find N2 delivers a balance of innovative design, powerful performance, and advanced camera capabilities, setting it apart in the foldable phone market.


In summary, the Oppo Find N2 represents a significant advancement in the foldable phone landscape, offering a lightweight and compact design without compromising on performance. With its powerful chipset, responsive displays, and impressive camera system, the Find N2 caters to tech-savvy users looking for a unique and versatile mobile device. While currently available only in China, the international release of the Find N2 is highly anticipated. For consumers seeking a premium foldable phone experience, the Oppo Find N2 presents a compelling option that combines style, functionality, and innovation.

For more information on Oppo’s latest innovations and to stay updated on the availability of the Find N2 in your region, visit the official Oppo website.