Get ready for the latest scoop on the highly anticipated iPhone 11 set to be unveiled on Tuesday, September 10. The buzz around the iPhone 11 is growing, especially with the recent reveal of intriguing details about its unique camera bump in a captivating new video by Unbox Therapy. Dive into this week’s Apple Core roundup for more insights into what the 2020 iPhone lineup might offer and some interesting developments regarding Apple’s speculated augmented-reality glasses. Additionally, Apple enthusiasts were treated to a fun surprise as the company commemorated World Emoji Day by teasing a glimpse of the exciting new emojis heading to your iPhone with the upcoming iOS 13.

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An Insight into the Latest iPhone 11 Model

Excitement is brewing as Apple’s anticipated launch event approaches, unveiling a glimpse into what the iPhone 11 might hold. Recently, a video shared by Lewis Hilsenteger from Unbox Therapy showcased a lifelike rendition of the upcoming iPhone, aligning with the swirling rumors. The standout feature? A triple-camera setup at the rear, reminiscent of its XS predecessors but with a fresh touch.

Within the video, Hilsenteger delves into the nuances that make this model a closer match to the circulating speculations. One striking deviation is the square camera module that seamlessly integrates with the phone’s back, presenting a sleek profile compared to the protruding bump on the current XS. The image sensors housed within this square unit are notably larger, hinting at enhanced functionalities.

Noteworthy changes extend beyond the camera setup, with a circular mute switch adorning the phone’s side, offering a tactile experience akin to an iPad. Moreover, the frontal view reveals expanded FaceID sensors, promising advanced security features.

While Apple is yet to dispatch official invitations for its upcoming launch event, historical patterns suggest a probable unveiling around the week of Sept. 9. Anticipation is high as enthusiasts await the official reveal of the next iPhone iteration, set to mark another milestone in the tech giant’s legacy.

Exciting Possibilities for the Future iPhone

If you are curious about what the future holds for iPhones beyond the current models, there are some intriguing rumors circulating about the 2020 iPhone that may pique your interest. Despite it being quite some time away, speculations about the upcoming features have been making rounds on the internet.

An interesting report from a reputable Chinese tech site, MyDrivers, recently mentioned insights from well-known Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo regarding potential changes to the 2020 iPhone. One of the exciting possibilities is the reduction in the size of the TrueDepth camera and the notch. Moreover, there’s talk from China Times about Apple considering the elimination of the notch entirely, replacing FaceID with an in-screen TouchID to achieve a seamless edge-to-edge display.

Furthermore, there’s chatter about the rear camera on the 2020 iPhone possibly getting an upgrade with the addition of a 3D depth-sensing rear camera. According to reports from Digitimes, which were echoed by MacRumors, Apple is already in talks with its manufacturing partners to prepare for this innovation. The new depth-sensing technology aims to enhance the rear camera’s capabilities by enabling it to scan objects from a distance of 15 feet, a significant improvement from the current 50cm range of FaceID’s scanning ability.

Apple’s AR Glasses: Insights and Possibilities

An overview by Digitimes recently revealed a pause in the development of Apple’s anticipated AR glasses. The report suggested that challenges, such as incomplete design and pricing concerns, have led to this delay.


Apple had been exploring the creation of AR or mixed-reality glasses featuring an impressive 8K display in each lens, with initial rumors pointing towards a potential launch in 2020. Various indicators, including Tim Cook’s endorsement of AR technology, Apple’s acquisitions of AR projects, and the development of the ARkit mobile platform, fueled speculations on this front.

While these speculations hold promise, it’s crucial to note that they remain unconfirmed. Digitimes’ track record for accurate predictions has been inconsistent. Despite this, Apple’s commitment to AR innovation seems unwavering, even though recent events, such as the departure of key team members like Avi Bar-Zeev, may have created temporary setbacks for the AR glasses project.

The highly anticipated iPhone 11 is scheduled for announcement on September 10, bringing with it a wave of exciting rumors and speculations. A recent video from Unbox Therapy has shed light on the controversial camera bump design, fueling anticipation among Apple enthusiasts. Additionally, speculation surrounding the 2020 iPhone has already begun, with talks of potential features such as a reduced TrueDepth camera size and the possibility of FaceID being replaced by in-screen TouchID for a seamless edge-to-edge display.


  1. When is the iPhone 11 announcement scheduled?
    The iPhone 11 announcement is set for September 10.

  2. What new details have emerged about the iPhone 11 camera bump?
    A video from Unbox Therapy provides a closer look at the controversial camera bump design, adding to the excitement surrounding the upcoming launch.

  3. What can we expect from the design of the iPhone 11?
    Rumors point towards a three-camera array on the back, resembling the design of previous XS models.

  4. Any significant changes in the mock-up of the iPhone 11?
    The mock-up showcases a slimmer square camera bump, a circular mute switch, and larger FaceID sensors on the front.

  5. Is there any information on the 2020 iPhone model?
    Speculations about the 2020 iPhone suggest potential features like a reduced TrueDepth camera size and the removal of the notch in favor of in-screen TouchID.

  6. Will the 2020 iPhone feature an enhanced rear camera setup?
    Reports indicate that Apple might introduce a 3D depth-sensing rear camera, capable of scanning objects from a distance of 15 feet.

  7. What is the latest update on Apple’s AR glasses project?
    Reports suggest that Apple’s AR glasses project may have been put on hold due to various challenges, including incomplete development and pricing concerns.

  8. What clues support the existence of Apple’s AR glasses?
    Clues such as Tim Cook’s support for AR technology and Apple’s acquisitions in the AR space hint at the company’s interest in AR glasses.

  9. How did Apple celebrate World Emoji Day?
    Apple celebrated World Emoji Day by unveiling a preview of new emojis coming to iOS 13, including diverse options like a yawning emoji, a sloth, and emojis representing people with disabilities.

  10. What are some notable additions to the new emojis in iOS 13?
    Unique additions include emojis depicting same-gender couples, a guide dog, and a prosthetic leg, promoting diversity and inclusion.


The forthcoming iPhone 11 launch has stirred up a whirlwind of excitement with rumors about its design and features. As enthusiasts eagerly await the official announcement, speculations about the 2020 iPhone model have also started gaining traction. From enhanced camera capabilities to potential changes in biometric authentication, Apple seems poised to continue pushing boundaries in the smartphone industry. Furthermore, developments in AR technology and the celebration of World Emoji Day showcase Apple’s commitment to innovation and user experience. Stay tuned for more updates as Apple continues to redefine the technological landscape.

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