Farewell, Bixby Button: The Galaxy Note 10 Reinvents the Side Buttons

Rejoice, smartphone enthusiasts! The highly anticipated Galaxy Note 10 has arrived, bringing with it a significant change that has thrilled users: the long-awaited demise of the infamous Bixby button. Samsung has finally heeded the pleas of its loyal fans and bid adieu to this often-erroneous button.

The Bixby button, a dedicated assistant key, has been a source of frustration for many since its introduction in 2017. Its awkward placement often led to accidental activations, triggering the assistant when users had no intention of using it. Samsung’s decision to remove the physical button is a testament to their commitment to user experience.

In its place, the Galaxy Note 10 introduces a more streamlined and intuitive design. The sleep/wake button, previously located on the right side, has been relocated to the left, occupying the former spot of the Bixby button. This subtle yet transformative change eliminates the risk of accidental activations and enhances overall usability.## FAQs

  1. Why doesn’t the Galaxy Note 10 have a Bixby hardware button?
    Answer: Samsung has removed the Bixby hardware button due to frequent accidental activations when users grabbed the phone.

  2. What happened to the Bixby button?
    Answer: The former Bixby button’s location has now become the new power button.

  3. Is Bixby still available on the Galaxy Note 10?
    Answer: Yes, Bixby can still be activated by voice command (“Hey Bixby”), long-pressing the power button, or using onscreen buttons.

  4. Where is the power button located on the Galaxy Note 10?
    Answer: The power button is now located on the left side of the phone, where the Bixby button used to be.

  5. Why did Samsung remove the headphone jack?
    Answer: Samsung did not provide a specific reason for removing the headphone jack, but some speculate it was for waterproofing or to encourage the use of wireless earbuds.

  6. How do I activate Bixby on the Galaxy Note 10?
    Answer: Bixby can be activated by:

    • Saying “Hey Bixby”
    • Long-pressing the power button
    • Using onscreen buttons
  7. Can I remap the power button to trigger another task?
    Answer: Currently, there is no way to remap the power button on the Galaxy Note 10.

  8. Can I still use the Bixby button to summon Google Assistant?
    Answer: No, the former Bixby button cannot be remapped to summon Google Assistant.

  9. Will the new location of the power button cause accidental presses?
    Answer: This is unclear and will need to be evaluated through testing.

  10. Is Bixby available on other Samsung devices?
    Answer: Yes, Bixby is also available on the Galaxy Home speaker and Samsung’s wireless Galaxy Buds.

  11. What are the benefits of using Bixby?
    Answer: Bixby offers various benefits, including:

    • Hands-free control and assistance
    • Personalized experiences and recommendations
    • Device automation and task management
    • Integration with other Samsung products
  12. Where can I learn more about the Galaxy Note 10?
    Answer: You can visit the Samsung website or check out CNET’s coverage of the Galaxy Note 10 and related products.


The Samsung Galaxy Note 10 marks a significant departure from previous models, particularly with the removal of the Bixby hardware button. This change was driven by user feedback, as the button was often accidentally pressed and activated the assistant unintentionally. The physical button has now been replaced by the power button, which has been relocated to the left side of the phone.

Despite the removal of the hardware button, Bixby remains accessible through voice command, long-pressing the power button, or using onscreen buttons. This allows users to continue enjoying Bixby’s voice control, personalized assistance, and device automation features.

Other notable changes include the removal of the headphone jack and the addition of new camera features. The loss of the headphone jack may disappoint some users, but it also aligns with the industry trend towards wireless earbuds. The enhanced camera capabilities provide more options for photography enthusiasts.

Overall, the Galaxy Note 10 offers a refined experience with improved usability and performance. It remains a top choice for productivity enthusiasts and those seeking a premium smartphone. To learn more about the device and its features, visit the Samsung website or reputable tech review platforms.