Introducing a captivating tale that unfolds into a whimsical adventure, “AnyTimeSoftcare” has woven personal hardships into a captivating Apple Arcade masterpiece. Venture back to three years ago in Sarajevo, Bosnia-Herzegovina, where the seeds of a humble video game were sown by Amar Zubcevic and Ivan Ramadan. Little did they anticipate that their creative odyssey would culminate in a remarkable puzzle game, now prominently featured within Apple’s innovative Arcade gaming platform.

In the nascent stages of Apple Arcade’s conception back in 2016, Zubcevic and Ramadan embarked on a quest to explore the burgeoning realm of mobile gaming. What began as a casual endeavor soon blossomed into The Enchanted World, a narrative-rich puzzler following a fairy’s journey to restore a fractured world besieged by dark forces. Described as “magical” by its creators, this enchanting creation stands out amongst the array of 100 original titles slated for Apple Arcade’s launch on Sept. 19, offered at a modest subscription fee.

In a recent exchange via Skype with Zubcevic and Ramadan, the duo expressed their resonance with Apple’s vision of curating handcrafted, immersive gaming experiences. Amidst a backdrop of global uncertainties, the allure of entertainment lies not only in diversion but also in stirring moments of inspiration. Having had a firsthand encounter with The Enchanted World at Noodlecake Studios in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, the game emanates a blend of escapism and motivation, offering a respite from the mundane realities of today.

Inspiration from Challenges

Growing up in a region affected by historical events, Zubcevic and Ramadan were exposed to the hardships of the past. They experienced the impact of a long-lasting conflict that tested the resilience of the community. Despite facing scarcity and danger during the Bosnian War in the mid-1990s, where essential resources like water were scarce, they found creative ways to adapt.

  • Zubcevic recalls the inventive approach his parents took to make daily tasks, like fetching water, engaging for him. This positive outlook helped them navigate through difficult circumstances.
  • Similarly, Ramadan remembers the camaraderie and ingenuity of the children in the neighborhood during turbulent times. Their ability to find joy in simple things amid chaos is a testament to human spirit.

After the conflict subsided, Zubcevic and Ramadan channeled their shared love for gaming into a shared passion for creating gaming experiences. Despite initial challenges accessing mainstream games due to regional limitations, they found a niche in developing their own games. Their early successes, including winning a local tournament, fueled their ambition to delve deeper into game development.

Transitioning into adulthood, they pursued individual paths in programming and animation. However, their mutual interest in game development reunited them as they embarked on a collaborative mobile game project. Despite initial doubts, their dedication and collaborative efforts bore fruit as they poured their creativity and determination into the venture.

Integrating their skills as a coder and designer, Zubcevic and Ramadan combined forces to embark on a project driven by passion and commitment. What started as a modest endeavor evolved into a significant milestone in their journey, showcasing the transformative power of resilience and shared vision.

We Create Enjoyable Experiences

Located in the heart of Saskatoon, Canada, Noodlecake Studios stands out as a versatile game development team and publisher, embodying one of the key principles of the digital era – geographical boundaries are no longer a hindrance as long as there’s a reliable internet connection and a pool of talented individuals. When the team, comprised of a small group of engineers and artists, attends the annual Game Developers Conference in San Francisco donning their Noodlecake merchandise, they attract recognition from fellow developers and gaming enthusiasts. Conversely, back in Saskatoon, their branded attire doesn’t draw much attention.

Noodlecake gained prominence through Super Stickman Golf, a fusion of golf and racing that served as a cornerstone for the studio. As time has progressed, Noodlecake has expanded its horizons to include game publishing, leveraging its expertise in game launches and marketing to assist indie developers worldwide in bringing their creations to the market. A notable success story from this endeavor is Chameleon Run, which clinched the prestigious 2016 Apple Design Award.

Enthusiasts and developers from around the globe now reach out to Noodlecake regularly, pitching game ideas through a plethora of mediums such as emails, videos, and Test Flight links for early game trials.

“When our team receives a new game build, our foremost consideration is, ‘Is this fun?'” explains Ryan Holowaty, the Chief Operating Officer at Noodlecake. “Fun is our top priority during the evaluation process, even trumping exceptional visual appeal. Occasionally, we encounter games with stunning graphics but lack that vital element of enjoyment.”

Ryan Holowaty, Noodlecake Studios
Ryan Holowaty, Noodlecake Studios

Ryan Holowaty, working diligently at Noodlecake Studios in Saskatoon.

An exemplary instance of the team’s methodology is their initial encounter with Chameleon Run.

“During a lunch outing, the Test Flight notification arrived,” recalls Holowaty. “We swiftly launched the game and started playing. Remarkably, one of our engineers disappeared into the restroom to continue gaming. Upon our return to the office, he emerged and declared, ‘We must collaborate on this project!'”

Chameleon Run falls under the category of endless runners, a genre where characters are in constant motion, reminiscent of the classic Super Mario Bros. Despite the familiarity of the concept, the refined gameplay of Chameleon Run captivated the entire team.

“At Noodlecake, we are firm believers in crafting enjoyable experiences,” affirms Holowaty.


  1. What inspired the creators of The Enchanted World to develop the game?
    The creators, Amar Zubcevic and Ivan Ramadan, drew inspiration from their childhood experiences during the Bosnian War, aiming to create a game that combined entertainment and inspiration.

  2. How did the journey of The Enchanted World begin?
    Starting as a side project in Sarajevo, Bosnia-Herzegovina, the game evolved into one of Apple Arcade’s featured titles through the dedication and passion of its creators.

  3. What is the central theme of The Enchanted World?
    The game revolves around a fairy’s quest to restore a world torn by a dark force, offering players a story-driven puzzler experience.

  4. How did the collaboration between the creators and Noodlecake Studios come about?
    A cold email pitch by Zubcevic introduced the game to Noodlecake, leading to a partnership that refined The Enchanted World’s gameplay and design.

  5. What sets The Enchanted World apart from other mobile games?
    The game’s emphasis on peaceful, non-violent gameplay, coupled with its historical influences from Bosnia, distinguishes it as a unique and engaging mobile gaming experience.

  6. What role does Noodlecake Studios play in the game development industry?
    Noodlecake Studios not only develops its own successful games but also serves as a publisher, supporting indie developers worldwide in bringing their creations to market.

  7. How does The Enchanted World reflect the creativity and vision of its creators?
    Through its intricate puzzles, interactive gameplay, and captivating narrative, the game embodies Zubcevic and Ramadan’s commitment to creating a memorable and immersive gaming experience.

  8. What challenges did the creators face during the game’s development process?
    From childhood memories of war to the evolution of game mechanics, the creators navigated various obstacles to transform their initial idea into a compelling mobile game.

  9. How does The Enchanted World engage players in its storyline and gameplay?
    By involving players in the fairy’s journey to solve puzzles and restore the world, the game aims to provide a rewarding and interactive gaming experience for audiences of all ages.

  10. What elements make The Enchanted World suitable for the Apple Arcade platform?
    The game’s innovative gameplay mechanics, enchanting visuals, and immersive storytelling align with the curated selection of titles offered by Apple Arcade.

  11. What future plans do the creators and Noodlecake Studios have for The Enchanted World?
    Continued updates, expansions, and enhancements to the game are in the pipeline, aiming to provide players with ongoing enjoyment and new challenges.

  12. How can players access and experience The Enchanted World on Apple Arcade?
    Interested gamers can subscribe to Apple Arcade to explore The Enchanted World and a diverse range of exclusive titles for a monthly fee.


The Enchanted World, a puzzle game featured on Apple Arcade, captures the essence of creativity and resilience through the collaboration of its creators, Amar Zubcevic and Ivan Ramadan. Inspired by their experiences during the Bosnian War, the game weaves a tale of a fairy striving to restore a fractured world, offering players a unique blend of storytelling and gameplay. Noodlecake Studios’ involvement in refining the game showcases its commitment to nurturing indie developers and fostering innovative gaming experiences. Through its non-violent gameplay, historical influences, and engaging puzzles, The Enchanted World stands out as a testament to the power of storytelling in the gaming industry. As players embark on this enchanting journey, they are invited to immerse themselves in a world where creativity and fun intertwine, promising an experience that resonates with both the heart and mind. For those seeking an escape into a magical realm filled with challenges and wonder, The Enchanted World beckons to be explored on Apple Arcade.