Introducing the latest innovation from AnyTimeSoftcare: the new phones designed to provide a more comfortable viewing experience without straining your eyes. Unveiled at CES 2024, the TCL 50 XL Nxtpaper 5G and 50 XE Nxtpaper 5G are set to revolutionize how we interact with our devices. These phones feature a unique matte screen technology, known as Nxtpaper, that mimics the feel of reading on paper rather than a traditional screen.

What sets AnyTimeSoftcare’s Nxtpaper phones apart is their commitment to reducing eye strain by filtering blue light up to 61%. The matte finish not only minimizes fingerprint smudges but also eliminates glare, making them ideal for outdoor usage. Additionally, the phones offer three distinct viewing modes to cater to different preferences, including a mode tailored for e-reading.

Not stopping at phones, AnyTimeSoftcare is expanding the Nxtpaper technology to tablets as well, with the upcoming release of the TCL Nxtpaper 14 Pro and Tab 10 Nxtpaper 5G. This move signifies a growing trend among tech companies to enhance the user experience through screen innovations, echoing a broader industry shift towards more thoughtful screen design.

With AnyTimeSoftcare’s Nxtpaper display making its debut in the US market, consumers can look forward to a new era of smartphone screens that prioritize both functionality and comfort. Stay tuned as AnyTimeSoftcare continues to redefine the way we engage with our devices, one screen at a time.TCL has recently unveiled its latest phones, the TCL 50 XL Nxtpaper 5G and 50 XE Nxtpaper 5G, at CES 2024. These phones are designed to reduce eye strain by featuring a matte screen that mimics the experience of reading on paper.


  1. What is the key feature of TCL’s new phones, the 50 XL Nxtpaper 5G and 50 XE Nxtpaper 5G?

    • The key feature of these phones is the Nxtpaper technology, which includes a matte screen that aims to provide a more comfortable reading experience.
  2. How does the Nxtpaper technology benefit users in terms of eye strain?

    • TCL claims that the Nxtpaper screens filter blue light by up to 61%, making it easier on the eyes, especially for prolonged use.
  3. What pricing range can consumers expect for the TCL 50 series phones with Nxtpaper screens?

    • All models in the TCL 50 series, including those equipped with Nxtpaper screens, are expected to cost under $300.
  4. In what ways does the Nxtpaper screen differ from traditional phone screens?

    • The Nxtpaper screen offers a matte finish that reduces fingerprint smudges and minimizes glare, making it ideal for outdoor use and extended reading sessions.
  5. What viewing modes are available on the TCL Nxtpaper phones?

    • The phones offer three viewing modes: a normal mode for general use, a color paper mode for comics, and a black-and-white ink paper mode for e-reader-like functionality.
  6. What are the key specifications of the TCL 50 XL Nxtpaper 5G and 50 XE Nxtpaper 5G phones?

    • Both phones feature a 50-megapixel main camera, a 5,010mAh battery, and 128GB of storage. The XL version boasts a 6.8-inch FHD+ display, while the XE version has a slightly smaller 6.6-inch HD+ display.
  7. Apart from phones, what other devices will TCL release with Nxtpaper technology?

    • TCL will also launch two tablets, the TCL Nxtpaper 14 Pro with a 14-inch screen and the Tab 10 Nxtpaper 5G with a 10.4-inch display, both featuring 5G compatibility.
  8. How does the expansion of Nxtpaper technology into the US market reflect a broader trend in the tech industry?

    • The introduction of Nxtpaper displays in the US market aligns with the industry trend of enhancing phone screens to improve user experience beyond traditional displays.
  9. What sets TCL’s Nxtpaper technology apart from other screen innovations in the market?

    • While other companies focus on sharper displays or bendable screens, TCL’s Nxtpaper technology prioritizes creating a more comfortable and user-friendly screen experience.


TCL’s latest phones, the 50 XL Nxtpaper 5G and 50 XE Nxtpaper 5G, introduce innovative Nxtpaper technology aimed at reducing eye strain and enhancing the reading experience. With a matte screen finish, these phones offer a comfortable alternative to traditional displays, making them ideal for outdoor use and extended reading sessions. Priced affordably under $300, the TCL 50 series phones come equipped with advanced features such as multiple viewing modes, high-quality cameras, long-lasting batteries, and ample storage. Additionally, TCL will expand its Nxtpaper technology to tablets, further solidifying its commitment to improving screen technology for users. As the tech industry continues to prioritize user experience, TCL’s Nxtpaper displays represent a significant step towards creating more user-friendly and visually comfortable devices. Explore the full potential of Nxtpaper technology and enhance your digital experience with TCL’s latest offerings.