TCL unveiled its upcoming lineup of phones and tablets, including innovative foldable concepts that offer a glimpse into the future of mobile devices. The range showcased at Mobile World Congress features a variety of phones with impressive screens and cameras, all offered at budget-friendly prices. The highlight of the collection is the TCL 30 5G, catering to users looking to connect to 5G networks. With models like the TCL 30 Plus boasting enhanced storage and camera features, and the TCL 30 SE offering a more compact design, there’s something for everyone in the TCL 30 series.

In addition to phones, TCL introduced three new tablets, each catering to different user needs. The TCL Nxtpaper Max 10 stands out with its paper-like texture and stylus support, providing a unique user experience. The company also teased two foldable concepts that showcase potential future designs, including the Fold n’ Roll and a 360-degree design. While these concepts are still in the development phase, they offer a sneak peek into what TCL envisions for the future of mobile technology.

As TCL continues to explore new innovations in the mobile industry, it remains focused on delivering quality products that combine cutting-edge technology with affordability. With a diverse range of devices set to launch in the coming months, TCL is poised to make a mark in the ever-evolving world of smartphones and tablets.


  1. What devices did TCL unveil at Mobile World Congress?
    TCL showcased a range of phones and tablets, including the TCL 30 series phones and the Nxtpaper Max 10 tablet.

  2. Which TCL phone connects to 5G networks?
    The TCL 30 5G is the phone in the lineup that connects to 5G networks.

  3. What are some key features of the TCL 30 Plus?
    The TCL 30 Plus offers 128GB of storage and a 13MP ultra-wide selfie camera, catering to users looking for enhanced storage and camera capabilities.

  4. Which TCL tablet features a paper-like texture and stylus support?
    The TCL Nxtpaper Max 10 tablet features a unique paper-like texture and stylus support for a distinctive user experience.

  5. What are the two foldable concepts teased by TCL?
    TCL teased two foldable concepts: the Fold n’ Roll and a 360-degree design, offering a glimpse into potential future device designs.

  6. Why did TCL shelve its first foldable, Project Chicago?
    TCL decided to shelf Project Chicago due to challenges in keeping the device cost below $700, a price point the company aimed to meet.

  7. What differentiates the TCL tablets announced at MWC?
    The TCL tablets announced at MWC cater to different user needs, with features like LTE connectivity, 5G capabilities, and unique display textures.

  8. Which TCL phone is exclusive to Verizon?
    The TCL 30 V 5G is exclusively available through Verizon, offering users a specific network option.

  9. How do the TCL 30-series phones differ from each other?
    The TCL 30-series phones offer variations in storage, camera capabilities, and screen sizes to cater to different user preferences.

  10. What challenges do TCL’s foldable concepts face?
    Challenges like maintaining screen cleanliness and determining price points pose obstacles for TCL’s foldable concepts.

  11. When can consumers expect the release of TCL’s tablets?
    TCL’s tablets are set to be released in the coming weeks and months, offering users a diverse range of options to choose from.

  12. What sets TCL apart in the mobile industry?
    TCL stands out in the mobile industry by offering innovative technology at budget-friendly prices, catering to a wide range of user preferences and needs.


TCL’s new lineup of phones and tablets showcased at Mobile World Congress presents a compelling mix of innovation and affordability. With the TCL 30 series phones catering to various user needs and preferences, alongside the unique features of the Nxtpaper Max 10 tablet, TCL is poised to make a mark in the market. The introduction of foldable concepts further solidifies TCL’s commitment to pushing boundaries in mobile technology. As consumers look forward to the release of these new devices, TCL continues to position itself as a key player in the ever-evolving world of smartphones and tablets.

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