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Embrace the evolution as TCL, the renowned creator of top-notch TVs, steps into the realm of smartphones. Unveiling their inaugural smartphone, the TCL Plex, at the recent IFA tech show in Berlin, the brand signaled its ambitious foray into the competitive 5G and foldable phone market.

Bearing in mind their established presence in the electronics industry through ventures like Alcatel, BlackBerry, and Palm, TCL is strategically positioning itself to emerge as a prominent player in the consumer electronics domain. Stefan Streit, the mastermind behind TCL’s global marketing endeavors, emphasizes that this transition signifies a grand brand revelation rather than just a product launch. With a meticulous approach, TCL aims to establish a brand identity that resonates across smartphones, TVs, smart home gadgets, and beyond.

The TCL Plex, priced attractively at 329 euros, offers a myriad of sought-after features such as a sizable 6.5-inch display and a cutting-edge triple-camera setup with a remarkable 48-megapixel primary shooter. Noteworthy functionalities like transforming standard videos into high-definition imagery and a customizable side key add to the allure of this midrange handset. While targeting budget-conscious consumers with the Plex, TCL tantalizes tech enthusiasts with a sneak peek into upcoming groundbreaking designs including foldable phones and innovative display concepts. Stay tuned as TCL unfolds a captivating journey in the realm of smartphones, promising an intriguing lineup ahead.

Exploring TCL’s Cutting-Edge Foldable Phone Innovations

In an era where mobile technology continues to push boundaries, TCL emerges as a key player in the realm of innovative smartphones. Their latest offerings showcase a dedication to pushing the limits of design and functionality. From devices that seamlessly fold to those with stunning edge-to-edge displays, TCL is making waves in the smartphone industry.

Revolutionizing Foldable Phones

TCL’s commitment to redefining what a phone can be is evident in their foldable phone designs. By embracing foldable technology, they are setting a new standard for versatility and user experience. These devices blend style with practicality, offering users a unique and dynamic way to interact with their smartphones.

Edge-to-Edge Excellence

Beyond foldable phones, TCL is also at the forefront of edge-to-edge display technology. Their devices boast immersive screens that stretch to the edges, maximizing visual real estate and providing a truly captivating viewing experience. Whether you’re streaming content or browsing the web, TCL’s edge-to-edge displays elevate the smartphone experience.

The Future of TCL Phones

As TCL continues to push boundaries and innovate in the mobile space, the future looks bright for smartphone enthusiasts. With a focus on cutting-edge design and technology, TCL is poised to deliver devices that not only meet but exceed user expectations. Stay tuned as TCL continues to shine in the world of mobile innovation.

In summary, TCL’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of smartphone design and technology is evident in their latest foldable phones and edge-to-edge displays. By combining style with functionality, TCL is revolutionizing the mobile experience for users. Keep an eye on TCL as they pave the way for the future of smartphone innovation.In the fast-paced world of smartphones, TCL is making a name for itself with innovative offerings in the 5G and foldable phone market. The recent launch of the TCL Plex at the IFA tech show in Berlin has set the stage for what promises to be a series of exciting releases in 2019 and beyond.


  1. What sets TCL apart in the smartphone industry?
    TCL stands out for its commitment to becoming a comprehensive consumer electronics brand, branching out from its well-known TV lineup to smartphones, smart home devices, and more.

  2. How does TCL differentiate itself in the crowded smartphone market?
    TCL aims to build brand recognition by focusing on quality and innovation rather than rushing products to market.

  3. What is the pricing strategy for TCL smartphones?
    The TCL Plex, priced at 329 euros, offers a budget-friendly option without compromising on features like a large 6.5-inch screen and high-quality cameras.

  4. What unique feature does the TCL Plex offer for enhancing video content?
    The TCL Plex can enhance standard-definition content to high-definition using built-in software, providing an immersive viewing experience.

  5. Can users customize the TCL Plex according to their preferences?
    Yes, the phone includes a customizable side key that users can program to perform various functions like launching apps or taking selfies.

  6. What future developments can we expect from TCL?
    TCL has showcased prototypes for foldable phones, curved displays, and innovative designs, hinting at exciting possibilities for the brand in the coming years.

  7. How does TCL plan to compete with established smartphone manufacturers?
    By focusing on cutting-edge technology and design, TCL aims to carve out a unique space in the competitive smartphone market.

  8. What is TCL’s vision for its smartphone lineup?
    TCL aims to offer a diverse range of smartphones catering to different market segments, from budget-conscious buyers to those looking for premium features.

  9. How does TCL’s history in consumer electronics influence its smartphone offerings?
    With a background in selling devices under various brand names, TCL leverages its experience to create quality products across different categories.

  10. What role does innovation play in TCL’s approach to smartphones?
    Innovation is at the core of TCL’s strategy, driving the development of new technologies and designs that set its smartphones apart from the competition.

  11. How does TCL plan to expand its presence in the global smartphone market?
    By gradually introducing new products and building brand recognition, TCL aims to establish itself as a key player in the global smartphone industry.

  12. What can consumers expect from TCL’s upcoming releases?
    Consumers can look forward to a diverse range of smartphones with advanced features and unique designs, reflecting TCL’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of technology.


TCL’s foray into the smartphone market with the TCL Plex signals a new era of innovation and quality in the industry. With a focus on building a comprehensive consumer electronics brand, TCL is set to offer a range of smartphones that cater to different preferences and budgets. The TCL Plex, with its budget-friendly price point and impressive features, is just the beginning of what TCL has in store for consumers. By prioritizing innovation and design, TCL aims to distinguish itself in the competitive smartphone market and become a leading name in the industry. Stay tuned for more exciting developments from TCL as they continue to push the boundaries of technology and design in the world of smartphones.

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