The tablet market is rapidly evolving, with IDC recently revising its forecasts upwards due to the increasing variety of tablet options becoming available to consumers. This expansion in choices, often at more affordable price points, is driving heightened consumer interest and demand.


  1. What is the current forecast for tablet shipments in 2012?
    Answer: The latest prediction from IDC anticipates worldwide tablet shipments to reach 122.3 million units in 2012, up from the previous estimate of 117.1 million units.

  2. Which factors are contributing to the growth in the tablet market?
    Answer: The growth is fueled by the expanding range of tablet offerings, particularly at smaller screen sizes and lower price points, catering to the evolving preferences of consumers.

  3. How are Android tablets performing in the market compared to Apple’s iPads?
    Answer: Android tablets are gaining momentum, with a projected increase in market share to 42.7% in 2012, while Apple’s share is expected to decline slightly to 53.8%.

  4. What impact did the launch of the iPad Mini have on Apple’s market position?
    Answer: The introduction of the iPad Mini, along with the refresh of the full-sized iPad, has positioned Apple favorably for a strong holiday season.

  5. Which companies have experienced sales growth in their tablet devices during the holiday season?
    Answer: Both Amazon and Barnes & Noble reported a doubling of sales for Kindle and Nook devices, respectively, over the Black Friday weekend.

  6. What are the long-term projections for tablet shipments?
    Answer: IDC forecasts that tablet shipments will continue to rise, reaching 172.4 million units in 2013 and 282.7 million units by 2016.

  7. How is the market share expected to evolve between Apple, Android, and Windows tablets?
    Answer: Apple and Android are projected to experience a slight decline in market share by 2016, with Windows tablets, including Windows 8 and Window RT devices, expected to increase their share to 10.3%.

The tablet market is dynamic and growing, driven by a diverse range of offerings catering to consumer preferences for smaller, more affordable devices. With Android tablets gaining traction and Apple maintaining a strong position despite competition, the market is set for continued expansion. IDC’s projections indicate a promising future for tablet shipments, with Windows tablets expected to make significant gains in the coming years. As the market evolves, consumers can look forward to an increasingly varied and innovative selection of tablets to choose from. Visit our website for the latest updates and trends in the tablet industry.