T-Mobile Test Drive: A Fresh Approach to Trying Out Wireless Service

SEATTLE-T-Mobile has introduced a unique program called “Test Drive,” inviting consumers to experience its wireless service at no cost. The company collaborated with Apple to offer a pool of iPhone 5S units for individuals interested in testing T-Mobile’s services.

Here are some key points about the Test Drive program:


  1. How does T-Mobile’s Test Drive work?
    Customers can sign up online and receive an iPhone 5S loaner within a few days. They are required to provide their credit card information, which will only be charged if the smartphone is damaged or not returned.

  2. What is the purpose of T-Mobile’s “Uncarrier” campaign?
    The “Uncarrier” initiative aims to address common issues within the wireless industry while challenging competitors’ practices, all under the leadership of CEO John Legere.

  3. Are there any obligations after completing the Test Drive period?
    After seven days, customers have the option to return the iPhone 5S handset at a local T-Mobile store or purchase a new smartphone from T-Mobile, such as an iPhone 5S or other popular models like HTC One M8 or Samsung Galaxy S5.

  4. How does Test Drive benefit Apple?
    By distributing loaner iPhone 5S units through Test Drive, Apple can reach more potential customers and showcase its high-end smartphones alongside T-Mobile’s services.


T-Mobile’s innovative approach with its Test Drive program allows consumers to explore its wireless service without any financial commitment for seven days using an iPhone 5S provided by Apple. This initiative falls under T-Mobile’s successful “Uncarrier” campaign, led by CEO John Legere, known for revolutionizing industry norms and prioritizing customer satisfaction.

By participating in Test Drives like this one could help you understand firsthand how these services work before committing fully! Visit our website now!