T-Mobile to Update Older Unlimited Plans

T-Mobile has announced that users on its older unlimited plans will be required to switch to some of its latest options. Starting next week, T-Mobile will begin notifying customers on its older One, Simple Choice, Magenta, and Magenta 55 Plus plans that their plans will be changing, resulting in a monthly pricing increase starting with their November bill cycles.


  1. Why is T-Mobile making users switch from older unlimited plans to newer options?
    T-Mobile is aiming to provide enhanced features and services to its customers by transitioning them from older rate plans to newer plans.

  2. What is the expected increase in pricing for customers transitioning to the newer plans?
    Customers can anticipate an increase of approximately $10 per line with the migration. Those enrolled in AutoPay can save $5 per line on up to eight lines per account.

  3. Can customers choose to stay on their current plans if they do not want to switch?
    Customers who prefer to remain on their existing plans have the option to reverse the move by contacting T-Mobile’s Customer Care support line.

  4. How long do customers have to reverse the forced plan switch?
    The duration of the period provided for customers to reverse the forced switch is currently undisclosed.

  5. What happens if customers revert to their old plans temporarily?
    It is unclear whether customers who switch back to their older plans will be able to retain them permanently or if the reversal only postpones the need to switch temporarily.

  6. Are there any changes in payment methods for customers with the introduction of the new plans?
    T-Mobile has updated its automatic payment rules, requiring a linked bank account or debit card instead of a credit card for billing purposes.

  7. How will business users on Simple Choice Business plans be affected by the changes?
    Business users on Simple Choice Business plans will be transitioned to the carrier’s Business Unlimited Advanced plan.

  8. How are customers on different legacy plans being migrated to the new plans?
    Customers on Simple Choice will be moved to either Magenta or Essentials Select, while those on Magenta or One will transition to Go5G. Customers on Magenta 55 Plus plans will be migrated to Go5G 55 Plus.

  9. What triggered the discussions around the forced changes to legacy plans?
    News of the plan modifications initially surfaced on Reddit, The Mobile Report, and the Tech Life Channel on YouTube.

  10. How are the plan changes related to T-Mobile’s merger with Sprint?
    The mandated alterations to legacy plans come more than three years after T-Mobile’s merger with Sprint, despite the commitment made during the merger to refrain from raising plan rates for three years.

  11. What is T-Mobile’s Price Lock promise?
    T-Mobile guarantees not to increase rates on plans for customers on newer plans introduced within the last two years. Customers on eligible plans predating April 28, 2022, who opt not to switch to a new T-Mobile plan will have their final month’s recurring service charge covered by the carrier in the event of a price hike and their decision to terminate services.

  12. How can customers take advantage of T-Mobile’s offer to cover their final month’s service charge?
    Customers who wish to avail of this offer must inform T-Mobile within 60 days.


In response to evolving customer needs and to provide enhanced features, T-Mobile is transitioning users on older unlimited plans to its latest options. Customers will receive notifications regarding the plan changes, with pricing adjustments expected on their November bill cycles. While the price increase with the migration is approximately $10 per line, those enrolled in AutoPay can save $5 per line. Customers have the flexibility to reverse the forced plan switch by contacting T-Mobile’s Customer Care. The migration impacts users on Simple Choice, Magenta, Magenta 55 Plus, and Simple Choice Business plans, moving them to newer plan counterparts. The initiative follows T-Mobile’s commitment to offering competitive services following its merger with Sprint. T-Mobile’s Price Lock promise ensures price stability for customers on newer plans, with provisions in place for customers on eligible legacy plans. Customers interested in maintaining their existing plans can explore options to safeguard against potential price hikes. Stay informed and make the best decision for your mobile plan needs.