1. When will T-Mobile’s network be compatible with the iPhone?
    T-Mobile announced that its network will be compatible with the iPhone later this year, even if they are not selling it.

  2. Which companies did T-Mobile partner with for its 4G LTE deployment?
    T-Mobile has partnered with Ericsson and Nokia-Siemens for its $4 billion 4G LTE deployment.

  3. What are the key areas T-Mobile is focusing on improving?
    T-Mobile is focusing on addressing the lack of the iPhone and enhancing its 4G LTE network to stay competitive in the wireless market.

  4. How does T-Mobile plan to cover its top 25 markets with LTE?
    By utilizing spectrum obtained from AT&T and its own spectrum, T-Mobile aims to cover 75% of its top 25 markets with LTE.

  5. What technology is T-Mobile using to bridge the gap in LTE deployment?
    T-Mobile is focusing on its HSPA+ technology as a solution, utilizing the 1900-megahertz spectrum for an upgraded network.

  6. Why is the 1900MHz spectrum important for T-Mobile’s network?
    The 1900MHz spectrum allows T-Mobile to support an unlocked iPhone on its 4G network, enhancing its network capabilities.

  7. Does T-Mobile currently sell the iPhone?
    While T-Mobile does not sell the iPhone directly, many customers bring their unlocked iPhones to the carrier.

  8. How is T-Mobile leveraging its network to attract customers?
    T-Mobile’s HSPA+ network covers over 220 million people in 229 markets, positioning it as having the largest 4G network in the country.

  9. What is T-Mobile’s strategy to compete in the wireless market?
    T-Mobile aims to showcase growth beyond prepaid services and demonstrate its ability to compete in the evolving wireless market landscape.

  10. Are there any potential partnerships in the pipeline for T-Mobile regarding the iPhone?
    There is speculation that T-Mobile may strike a deal with Apple to officially carry the iPhone on its network, although no recent updates have been provided by either company.

  11. When will T-Mobile release its first-quarter results?
    T-Mobile plans to unveil its first-quarter results on Thursday, indicating transparency and commitment to its stakeholders.

  12. How does T-Mobile plan to demonstrate its turnaround in the wireless market?
    By focusing on network enhancements, strategic partnerships, and expansion beyond prepaid services, T-Mobile is positioning itself for growth and success in the wireless industry.


T-Mobile is gearing up to make significant strides in the wireless market by enhancing its network capabilities and addressing key gaps such as the absence of the iPhone and the need for a more advanced 4G LTE network. By partnering with Ericsson and Nokia-Siemens for its 4G LTE deployment, T-Mobile is set to cover 75% of its top markets with LTE. Leveraging its HSPA+ technology and the vital 1900MHz spectrum, T-Mobile aims to attract more customers, even those with unlocked iPhones. The company’s focus on growth beyond prepaid services and the upcoming release of its first-quarter results showcase T-Mobile’s commitment to competing and thriving in the dynamic wireless industry landscape. Embracing innovation and strategic partnerships, T-Mobile is laying the foundation for a successful turnaround and sustained growth. For more information and updates, visit T-Mobile’s website for the latest news and offerings.