The much-anticipated 3G iPhone has finally made its debut on 11 July, offering an enhanced and more affordable option for potential buyers. Existing owners of the first-generation iPhone are now faced with a decision on whether to upgrade. Here’s a breakdown of the key considerations:


  1. What are the main upgrades in the 3G iPhone?
    The 3G iPhone boasts significant improvements such as 3G speeds, GPS capabilities, and the latest iPhone 2.0 software.

  2. Can existing iPhone owners upgrade to the 3G version?
    Yes, existing owners can upgrade to the 3G model by starting a new 18-month contract, with varying costs depending on the chosen tariff.

  3. What are the pricing options for upgrading to the 3G iPhone?
    Owners may need to pay an additional fee ranging from £99 to £159, depending on their current model and selected tariff.

  4. Is it worth selling the old iPhone when upgrading?
    Selling the old handset can help offset the cost of upgrading, although unlocking or jailbreaking the device may have implications on the contract and warranty.

  5. What if I prefer to stick with my current EDGE iPhone?
    Users who prefer to stay with their current model can choose to hold off on upgrading and wait for potential price reductions in the future.

  6. What are the trade-in options for the old iPhone?
    Consider selling the old iPhone on platforms like eBay, where unlocked handsets have been fetching good prices.

  7. Will upgrading to the 3G iPhone affect the warranty and insurance?
    Modifying the handset through unlocking or jailbreaking may void the warranty and insurance, so proceed with caution.

  8. Are there alternative ways to cover the cost of upgrading?
    Exploring options like selling the old handset or choosing a higher tariff plan can help offset the upfront costs.

  9. What should I consider before deciding to upgrade?
    Evaluate your usage needs, budget, and preferences to determine if the 3G iPhone is the right choice for you.

  10. Can I transfer my data and apps to the new iPhone?
    Backup your data and apps before transitioning to the new device to ensure a seamless transfer process.

  11. Are there any upcoming promotions or discounts for the 3G iPhone?
    Stay informed about potential promotions or discounts that may make the upgrade more cost-effective in the future.

  12. Where can I find additional support or resources for upgrading to the 3G iPhone?
    Reach out to Apple customer support or visit online forums for advice and assistance with the upgrading process.


The launch of the 3G iPhone offers an exciting opportunity for both new buyers and existing owners to experience enhanced features and capabilities. Making an informed decision about upgrading involves considering factors such as pricing, contract terms, and resale options for the old handset. By weighing these aspects carefully and exploring potential resale opportunities, users can navigate the upgrade process smoothly and maximize the value of their investment. For those looking to stay ahead in the tech game, the 3G iPhone presents a tempting proposition, but it’s essential to assess personal preferences and financial considerations before taking the plunge.

In conclusion, upgrading to the 3G iPhone can be a rewarding experience for tech enthusiasts seeking the latest innovations in mobile technology. By exploring all available options and making a well-informed decision, users can make the most of their upgrade while minimizing any potential drawbacks. Stay tuned for more updates and insights on navigating the world of smartphones and technology.