HBO partnered with renowned director Steven Soderbergh to create a groundbreaking storytelling experience through the Mosaic app. Unlike traditional formats, Mosaic blurs the lines between movie, web series, and TV show by offering viewers a unique interactive mystery starring A-list actors like Sharon Stone and Paul Rubens.


  1. What is Mosaic?
    Mosaic is an innovative storytelling project developed by HBO and Steven Soderbergh that allows users to navigate their way through a gripping seven-hour mystery.

  2. Who are the main stars of Mosaic?
    The cast includes Sharon Stone as Olivia Lake, Paul Rubens as JC, Garrett Hedlund as Joel, and Frederick Weller as Eric.

  3. How does the story unfold in Mosaic?
    Viewers initially follow three central characters: Olivia, Joel, and Eric before choosing whose perspective to explore next as more characters come into play.

  4. Is Mosaic similar to a choose-your-own-adventure story?
    Soderbergh clarifies that Mosaic offers viewers a unique choose-your-own-perspective experience rather than a traditional branching narrative.

  5. How was the app developed for Mosaic?
    Steven Soderbergh collaborated closely with screenwriter Ed Solomon and technology company PopOp to craft both the story and app simultaneously for an immersive storytelling journey.

  6. What sets Mosaic apart from other interactive content?
    Mosaic pioneers a new wave of interactive storytelling driven by technology and creativity, offering viewers deeper insights into characters through “discoveries” within the app.

  7. Where can I access Mosaic?
    You can download the app on iOS devices or Android platforms for an unparalleled viewing experience.

  8. Is there another way to watch Mosaics besides using the app?
    For those who prefer linear narratives, HBO aired a condensed six-part series version starting January 26th.


In collaboration with director Steven Soderbergh, HBO introduces audiences to an exciting blend of mystery storytelling through its innovative platform called Mosaic. The captivating seven-hour narrative features stellar performances by talented actors like Sharon Stone and Paul Rubens alongside an engaging storyline that evolves based on viewer choices within the app’s interface.

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