1. When does Sprint plan to launch its LTE service?
Answer: Mid-summer 2024

2. How many people will Sprint’s LTE network cover by the end of 2024?
Answer: 120 million

3. What is the name of Sprint’s network upgrade plan?
Answer: Network Vision

4. What technology will Sprint use for its LTE network?
Answer: 1.9-gigahertz spectrum

5. What wireless technology will Sprint discontinue in 2025?
Answer: Nextel iDEN service

6. Does Sprint have a network-sharing deal with any other company?
Answer: Yes, LightSquared

7. What type of devices will Sprint launch next year?
Answer: Dual-band LTE/CDMA smartphones, tablets, and other 4G devices

8. How much money will Sprint spend on capital expenditure in the next two years?
Answer: $10 billion

9. What is the current status of Clearwire’s WiMax network?
Answer: It has reached its capacity of 71 markets

10. What does Sprint plan to do with its WiMax devices?
Answer: Continue selling them through 2024

11. By what date will Verizon have covered 164 markets with its LTE network?
Answer: October 20, 2024

12. What is AT&T’s current status with its LTE network?
Answer: Launched in five cities and plans to roll out more this year


Sprint is aggressively expanding its network infrastructure to provide a 4G LTE service to customers. The company plans to launch its LTE network in mid-summer 2024, covering 120 million people by the end of the year and expanding to 250 million people by the end of 2025.

Sprint’s LTE network will utilize 1.9-gigahertz spectrum and will be supported by dual-band LTE/CDMA smartphones, tablets, and other 4G devices. The company has also entered into a network-sharing agreement with LightSquared.

Sprint’s network upgrade, called Network Vision, is designed to improve the quality of its 3G service in addition to introducing LTE. The company plans to spend $10 billion on capital expenditure over the next two years to support this expansion.

While Sprint’s rival carriers, Verizon and AT&T, have already launched their LTE networks, Sprint is confident that its Network Vision plan will provide a cost-effective and efficient solution to meet the increasing demand for high-speed mobile data.

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