Sprint Nextel recently took a significant step in securing its future by reaching an agreement with Clearwire to acquire all remaining shares that it does not already own. This deal grants Sprint complete control over Clearwire’s spectrum and its current 4G WiMax network, with plans to upgrade to 4G LTE in the near future. The agreement between Sprint and Clearwire marks the end of longstanding tensions between the two companies, as Clearwire becomes integrated into Sprint’s operations.


1. What does Sprint’s acquisition of Clearwire entail?
Sprint’s acquisition of Clearwire involves purchasing all outstanding shares of the company, consolidating control over Clearwire’s spectrum and 4G network.

2. Why is this deal significant for consumers of Sprint and Clearwire?
The deal has implications for both Sprint and Clearwire customers, potentially influencing the wireless industry as a whole, particularly with SoftBank’s impending takeover.

3. What services does Clearwire provide?
Clearwire offers 4G wireless services through its WiMax network, primarily catering to wholesale customers like Sprint, as well as a limited retail presence.

4. What motivated Sprint to acquire Clearwire?
The acquisition was mainly driven by Sprint’s interest in Clearwire’s valuable spectrum assets, which can enhance Sprint’s 4G services.

5. How will this acquisition affect existing Sprint and Clearwire customers?
For now, the impact on customers is minimal, as Sprint will continue to support Clearwire’s WiMax network for older devices until transitioning to LTE technology.

6. Can Sprint and Clearwire combine their spectrum assets?
Due to different frequencies and LTE standards, combining spectrum directly is challenging. Efforts are underway to design devices compatible with both networks.

7. How does SoftBank factor into this deal?
SoftBank’s pending acquisition of Sprint underscores the importance of consolidating operations with Clearwire, potentially leading to innovative product development.

8. What are the broader implications for the wireless industry?
Sprint’s spectrum acquisition positions the company to compete effectively against other major carriers, potentially improving wireless services nationally.


Sprint’s acquisition of Clearwire represents a strategic move towards bolstering its spectrum assets and enhancing its 4G services. This transaction not only consolidates control over Clearwire’s network but also signals a shift in dynamics within the wireless industry, particularly with SoftBank’s role in the equation. Existing customers of both Sprint and Clearwire can expect continued support during the transition period, with potential improvements in coverage and service quality on the horizon. As Sprint aligns its operations with Clearwire’s spectrum, the stage is set for collaborative efforts that could drive innovation and product development across networks. This development underscores Sprint’s commitment to remaining competitive in the evolving landscape of wireless communications. For more industry insights and updates, visit our website to stay informed and engaged with the latest advancements in telecommunications.