Sprint Nextel reported a decrease in losses for the fourth quarter of 2009, with improved customer retention rates. Despite this positive trend, the company fell short of anticipated revenue figures.


  1. What were Sprint Nextel’s losses in the fourth quarter of 2009?
    Sprint Nextel incurred a loss of $980 million or 34 cents per share during the last quarter of 2009.

  2. How does Sprint Nextel’s fourth-quarter loss compare to the previous year?
    Compared to the same period a year prior, Sprint Nextel’s loss decreased from $1.6 billion to $980 million.

  3. What was Sprint Nextel’s revenue during the fourth quarter of 2009?
    Revenue for Sprint Nextel was reported at $7.87 billion, slightly lower than the expected $8.03 billion by analysts.

  4. How many postpaid subscribers did Sprint lose in the fourth quarter?
    During that period, Sprint lost 504,000 postpaid subscribers but only a total of 148,000 including prepaid and wholesale customers.

  5. How do Sprint’s customer metrics compare to competitors like AT&T and Verizon Wireless?
    While showing improvement, especially in reducing churn rate to 2.11 percent in Q4,
    Sprint still trails behind AT&T and Verizon Wireless in new customer acquisitions.

6.What did Dan Hesse mention about improving churn rates moving forward into
the next fiscal year?
Dan Hesse expressed his intentions for enhancing customer retention rates throughout
2010 but did not provide specific details on projected improvements.


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