In the ever-evolving landscape of mobile carriers, Sprint has announced its foray into the early upgrade arena with the upcoming launch of Sprint One Up. This program offers customers the flexibility to pay for their devices through monthly installments and the option to upgrade annually by trading in their current device. Scheduled to debut on September 20, Sprint joins other national carriers in offering such a service, following in the footsteps of T-Mobile, AT&T, and Verizon.


  1. What is Sprint One Up?

    • Sprint One Up is a program that allows customers to pay for their smartphones or tablets in monthly installments and upgrade their devices after one year by trading them in.
  2. When will Sprint One Up be launched?

    • Sprint One Up is set to launch on September 20.
  3. How does Sprint One Up compare to similar programs from other carriers?

    • Sprint One Up allows customers to pick up a phone with no upfront payment and pay for the device in 24 monthly installments. Customers can upgrade after one year by trading in their device.
  4. What are the eligibility criteria for Sprint One Up?

    • Customers can sign up for Sprint One Up with an Unlimited, My Way, or All-In plan. Existing customers who have been on contract for at least a year are also eligible.
  5. What happens if a customer leaves the Sprint service early?

    • If a customer leaves the service before completing the 24 monthly installments, they are responsible for paying the balance of the device cost the following month.
  6. Are Sprint prepaid customers eligible for Sprint One Up?

    • Sprint prepaid customers are not eligible for the Sprint One Up program.
  7. What were Sprint’s previous early upgrade programs?

    • Sprint previously offered a program called “Upgrade Now,” which required an upgrade fee for customers not eligible for One Up.
  8. How does Sprint One Up pricing work?

    • Customers can get a phone with no money down and pay for the device in 24 monthly installments, with a $15 discount on select plans.
  9. What are the benefits of Sprint One Up compared to traditional upgrade plans?

    • Sprint One Up offers customers a break on plan costs in exchange for the monthly-installment model, making it a potentially more affordable option.
  10. Can existing Sprint customers on contract participate in Sprint One Up?

    • Existing customers on contract for at least a year are eligible for Sprint One Up, with some limitations on the offer.
  11. What options do customers have after participating in Sprint One Up for a year?

    • After a year on Sprint One Up, customers can upgrade to a new phone by trading in their current device.
  12. What sets Sprint One Up apart from other carrier programs?

    • Sprint One Up is similar to T-Mobile’s Jump program in offering plan discounts in exchange for a monthly-installment model.


Sprint is stepping into the early upgrade game with the introduction of Sprint One Up, a program that allows customers to finance their devices through monthly payments and upgrade annually by trading in their current phone or tablet. The initiative, set to launch on September 20, brings Sprint in line with other major carriers that have already implemented similar programs.

With Sprint One Up, customers can enjoy the convenience of acquiring a device without an initial payment and spreading the cost over 24 months. This flexibility, coupled with the option to upgrade after one year, offers users a compelling alternative to traditional upgrade plans.

Existing Sprint customers who meet the eligibility criteria can also benefit from Sprint One Up, with the program providing a $15 discount on select plans. By aligning with consumer demand for more affordable and flexible mobile options, Sprint aims to enhance its competitiveness in the market.

For those looking to stay current with the latest devices and enjoy cost-effective plan options, Sprint One Up presents a viable solution. Embracing this program can not only streamline the device ownership experience but also cater to evolving consumer preferences in the digital age.

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