The ongoing discussions between two prominent telecom companies, once a subject of speculation, are now showing signs of resolution. Sprint revealed today in a filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission that it has reached an agreement with Eagle River Holdings, marking a potential turning point in their relationship. This deal will grant Sprint increased voting power, positioning it as a key decision-maker in Clearwire’s future.


1. What recent development has occurred between Sprint and Clearwire?
A recent announcement by Sprint indicates that they have struck a deal with Eagle River Holdings to enhance their voting power.

2. How much voting power did Sprint hold previously?
Before the agreement, Sprint held 48.1 percent of the voting power in Clearwire.

3. What percentage of voting power does Eagle River Holdings possess?
Eagle River Holdings currently holds 2.3 percent of the voting power in Clearwire.

4. What is the significance of the voting power shift in Clearwire?
The deal will enable Sprint to have over 50 percent of the voting power, giving them substantial control over Clearwire’s board decisions.

5. How much is Sprint expected to pay for this transaction?
As part of the agreement, Sprint is anticipated to pay $100 million to Eagle River Holdings.

6. How will Sprint’s ownership structure change in Clearwire?
Sprint will now have more than 50 percent ownership of Clearwire’s Class A Common Stock.

7. What prompted the deal between Sprint and Eagle River Holdings?
Reports suggest that Clearwire’s role was crucial in Softbank’s interest in acquiring a majority stake in Sprint.

8. Why is Clearwire valued by some companies like Softbank?
Clearwire’s 4G services are highly regarded, especially by Softbank, who sees potential in leveraging its offerings.

9. How did major investors in Clearwire react to the company’s challenges?
Investors like Sprint, Google, Intel, and Comcast supported Clearwire in the past, but some have backed out due to concerns about its viability.

10. What has been the historical goal of Clearwire that faced challenges?
Clearwire aimed to establish a comprehensive national wireless network but encountered obstacles in realizing this vision.

11. What plans has Sprint disclosed regarding its new majority ownership?
Sprint has not yet disclosed its specific plans following the acquisition of a majority stake in Clearwire.

12. Have there been any official comments from Sprint or Clearwire regarding the recent developments?
Both Sprint and Clearwire have been contacted for statements, and any updates from them will be included once available.


The recent agreement between Sprint and Eagle River Holdings signifies a significant shift in the dynamics of Clearwire’s governance. With Sprint poised to assume a majority stake, the telecom industry is poised for potential transformations. The partnership between these companies has been closely watched, especially in light of Softbank’s interest in Sprint and its implications for Clearwire’s future. As the situation continues to evolve, stakeholders are eagerly awaiting further details on how this development will shape the competitive landscape. For the latest updates and insights on this evolving narrative, stay tuned for more information on our website.