1. What is Sprint’s current financial status?
Answer: Sprint reported a third-quarter loss of $478 million.

2. How much did Sprint’s revenue decrease in the third quarter?
Answer: Revenue fell nearly 9 percent to $8.04 billion.

3. How many customers did Sprint lose in the third quarter?
Answer: Sprint lost a total of 801,000 subscribers in the quarter.

4. What is the name of Sprint’s new service plan that allows subscribers to call any cell phone in the U.S., regardless of the carrier?
Answer: Any Mobile, Anytime

5. What is Sprint’s churn rate?
Answer: 2.17 percent

6. How much did Sprint spend on equipment subsidies in the third quarter?
Answer: About $950 million

7. What is Sprint’s strategy to compete with AT&T and Verizon Wireless?
Answer: To focus on adding prepaid customers and reducing churn among existing customers.

8. What is Sprint’s partner for building a nationwide 4G wireless network?
Answer: Clearwire

9. What technology is Sprint using for its 4G wireless network?
Answer: WiMax

10. What is Sprint’s dual mode 3G/4G service?
Answer: A service that provides full nationwide coverage to wireless customers today.

11. What is the main source of growth for Sprint’s prepaid business?
Answer: Sprint’s Boost Mobile brand

12. What are concerns raised by analysts and investors regarding Sprint’s prepaid business strategy?
Answer: That Sprint is becoming too dependent on prepaid customers, which may be less profitable than postpaid customers.


Sprint continues to face challenges in the highly competitive mobile market. Despite losing fewer customers than expected, the company still ended the third quarter with a loss. Sprint’s CEO Dan Hesse attributed the loss to increased competition and the high cost of subsidizing devices.

To address these challenges, Sprint is doubling down on its prepaid business and investing in 4G wireless. However, it remains uncertain whether these strategies will be successful in the long run. Analysts and investors have expressed concerns that Sprint is becoming too dependent on prepaid customers, who may be less profitable than postpaid customers.

In order to succeed, Sprint will need to continue to improve its customer service and reduce churn among existing customers. The company will also need to differentiate itself from the competition and attract new customers with innovative offerings.

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