The influx of Apple’s iPhone to Sprint Nextel came at a significant price tag of $20 billion, marking a crucial move for the carrier. This strategic maneuver not only aimed to bolster Sprint’s competitive edge but also secure a share of the lucrative smartphone market dominated by the likes of AT&T and Verizon Wireless. The exclusivity of the redesigned iPhone 5 further highlighted Sprint’s commitment to attracting new customers and retaining existing ones.


  1. Why did Sprint invest $20 billion in securing the iPhone?
    Sprint made a substantial investment to tap into the popularity and high demand for Apple’s iPhones, particularly aiming to offset customer losses and drive profitability.

  2. What distinguishes Sprint’s iPhone offerings from other carriers?
    Sprint’s exclusivity over the redesigned iPhone 5 sets it apart from competitors, offering customers unique features and a diverse product range.

  3. How does the iPhone integration impact Sprint’s business strategy?
    The integration of iPhones into Sprint’s portfolio is instrumental in reshaping its business outlook, attracting premium customers and enhancing revenue streams.

  4. Will Sprint continue its unlimited plan with the iPhone?
    Yes, Sprint intends to maintain its unlimited plan to differentiate itself from other major carriers and attract a broader customer base.

  5. What are the anticipated benefits of offering the iPhone for Sprint?
    The iPhone integration is expected to stabilize Sprint’s customer base, drive higher revenues, and enhance its market positioning against competitors.

  6. How does the iPhone subsidy model affect Sprint’s finances?
    Sprint’s subsidy model involves a $500 payment per phone, leading to short-term financial implications but long-term gains from customer retention and acquisition.

  7. What unique features does the iPhone 5 offer on Sprint’s network?
    The iPhone 5 on Sprint boasts a larger screen, faster processor, WiMax connectivity, exclusive software, and a dedicated assistant button for an enhanced user experience.

  8. What role does Apple play in granting Sprint exclusivity over iPhone models?
    Apple’s decision to grant Sprint exclusivity over certain iPhone models underscores the collaborative partnership between the two companies in driving innovation and market expansion.

  9. How does Sprint aim to compete with other carriers offering the iPhone?
    Sprint’s strategic positioning with the iPhone focuses on providing differentiated services, exclusive offerings, and a customer-centric approach to stand out in the market.

  10. What are the implications of Sprint’s iPhone strategy on industry forecasts?
    Sprint’s iPhone strategy could influence industry forecasts regarding iPhone sales projections, market share dynamics, and overall consumer preferences.

  11. How does Sprint’s partnership with Apple reflect broader trends in the telecommunication industry?
    Sprint’s partnership with Apple exemplifies the evolving landscape of the telecommunication industry, characterized by strategic collaborations, technological advancements, and customer-centric innovations.

  12. What can customers expect from Sprint’s iPhone offerings in the future?
    Customers can anticipate a continued evolution of Sprint’s iPhone offerings, including enhanced features, expanded network coverage, and tailored services to cater to diverse consumer needs.


The partnership between Sprint Nextel and Apple to integrate iPhones into Sprint’s product lineup at a staggering $20 billion investment signifies a pivotal move in the telecommunications industry. Sprint’s exclusive rights over the redesigned iPhone 5 underscore its commitment to innovation, customer satisfaction, and market competitiveness.

As Sprint navigates the challenges and opportunities presented by the iPhone integration, it aims to leverage unique features, pricing strategies, and service offerings to attract and retain a loyal customer base. By maintaining its unlimited plan and focusing on customer-centric approaches, Sprint seeks to position itself as a formidable player in the smartphone market.

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