Sprint’s innovative Framily friends and family plan has been gaining traction, as shared by Chief Financial Officer Joe Euteneuer at a recent investor conference. In a competitive landscape where price slashes and bundled deals are common, Framily stands out as Sprint’s unique offering. The concept is simple: the more individuals join, the greater the savings. What sets Framily apart is the ability for friends and acquaintances beyond traditional family members to join under one plan while receiving separate bills.

Euteneuer expressed enthusiasm for Framily, highlighting how it mobilizes Sprint’s customers to become advocates for the service. This word-of-mouth marketing approach has resonated well with users, surpassing initial expectations. However, the plan’s availability is currently limited to Sprint-branded stores, with plans to expand to other outlets in the future.

Sprint’s cautious marketing strategy can be attributed to its focus on network enhancements. While the carrier has been lagging in 4G LTE coverage and speed compared to competitors, extensive network upgrades are underway to bridge this gap. Euteneuer acknowledged the challenges faced during this transitional phase, resulting in temporary customer turnover spikes. Nevertheless, he reassured that these issues tend to stabilize once the 4G LTE deployment reaches a significant milestone.

The aggressive promotion of Framily is primarily targeted in markets with established network infrastructure, such as Chicago. As the network expansion progresses throughout the year, Sprint plans to intensify its marketing efforts accordingly. Euteneuer also shared insights on industry consolidation discussions, advocating for a more streamlined competition landscape with three major players instead of four.

In this ever-evolving telecom industry, Sprint’s strategic initiatives and network improvements position the company for future growth and enhanced customer experiences. Embracing innovative plans like Framily reflects Sprint’s commitment to meeting evolving consumer needs and fostering lasting relationships within its customer base.


  1. What is Sprint’s Framily plan?
    Sprint’s Framily plan allows individuals to join together with friends and acquaintances under one plan, offering increasing savings as more people enroll.

  2. How does Framily differ from traditional family plans?
    Unlike traditional family plans, Framily enables non-family members to participate in the plan and receive separate bills.

  3. Where is Sprint’s Framily plan currently available?
    Currently, Sprint’s Framily plan is exclusively offered in Sprint-branded stores, with plans for future expansion to other distributors.

  4. What is the marketing approach for Sprint’s Framily plan?
    Sprint’s Framily plan leverages its existing customer base to advocate for the service, emphasizing word-of-mouth marketing to attract new members.

  5. How does Sprint address network limitations in relation to its Framily plan?
    Sprint acknowledges its network challenges and is actively upgrading its infrastructure to enhance coverage and speed for a better customer experience.

  6. In which markets is Sprint aggressively promoting the Framily plan?
    Sprint focuses its aggressive marketing efforts for the Framily plan in markets where the network infrastructure is well-established, like in Chicago.

  7. What are the anticipated marketing strategies for Sprint moving forward?
    As Sprint continues its network deployments throughout the year, the company plans to ramp up marketing efforts for the Framily plan accordingly.

  8. How does Sprint handle customer turnover during network upgrades?
    Sprint experiences temporary spikes in customer turnover during network upgrades but anticipates stability as network enhancements progress.

  9. What are the key benefits of Sprint’s Framily plan for consumers?
    Consumers benefit from cost savings and flexibility in joining the Framily plan with friends and acquaintances beyond traditional family members.

  10. How does Joe Euteneuer view industry consolidation discussions?
    Joe Euteneuer advocates for a streamlined competition landscape in the telecom industry, suggesting that three major competitors may be more advantageous than four.

  11. What sets Sprint apart from its competitors in terms of service offerings?
    Sprint’s innovative Framily plan and network enhancement initiatives differentiate the company by prioritizing customer-centric solutions and improved network performance.

  12. How can customers stay updated on Sprint’s latest offerings and network upgrades?
    Customers can visit Sprint’s official website or contact customer service for information on the latest plans, promotions, and network enhancements.


Sprint’s Framily friends and family plan presents a unique approach in the telecom market, offering cost-effective solutions for individuals to join with friends and acquaintances under one plan. Chief Financial Officer Joe Euteneuer’s optimism regarding Framily’s reception underscores its potential as a standout offering for Sprint. While network upgrades remain a priority for the company to address coverage and speed challenges, Sprint’s strategic focus on enhancing customer experiences sets a solid foundation for future growth.

As Sprint navigates industry discussions and plans for expanded market reach, customers can expect innovative solutions and improved network performance to meet their evolving needs. Stay informed on Sprint’s latest offerings and network developments through their website and customer service channels to make the most of your telecom experience.