CEO Marcelo Claure will be taking over from Dan Hesse as the new leader of the Sprint team starting August 11. In a heartfelt farewell message to his colleagues, Hesse expressed his confidence in Claure’s abilities and highlighted the progress and achievements made during his tenure. The transition follows a period of significant transformation for the company, including network upgrades and strategic partnerships.

Under Hesse’s leadership, Sprint underwent a series of initiatives aimed at enhancing customer satisfaction and technological innovation. These efforts led to the introduction of several key products and services such as the iPhone, EVO 4G, and HD Voice, as well as strategic acquisitions and network enhancements. Despite facing challenges during the network integration process, Sprint made substantial advancements in LTE coverage and financial performance.

Looking ahead, Sprint is poised for a new phase of growth with the completion of major network infrastructure projects. The partnership between Marcelo Claure and Sprint’s majority owner, SoftBank, is expected to drive further progress and expansion opportunities for the company. Hesse expressed his gratitude to the Sprint team for their dedication and teamwork, emphasizing the importance of maintaining a customer-centric approach and upholding corporate values.

As Sprint embarks on this next chapter, Hesse expressed his confidence in the team’s ability to continue delivering exceptional service and value to customers. He encouraged his colleagues to extend a warm welcome to Marcelo Claure and offer him their full support as he takes on this new leadership role.

The message concludes with Hesse expressing his pride in being part of the Sprint family and extending his best wishes to his former colleagues for the future.


  1. Who will be replacing Dan Hesse as the CEO of Sprint?

    • Marcelo Claure, the Founder and CEO of Brightstar, will be taking over as the new CEO of Sprint.
  2. When will Dan Hesse step down from his position as CEO?

    • Dan Hesse is set to step down from his role as CEO on August 11.
  3. What were some of the key achievements during Dan Hesse’s tenure as CEO?

    • During Dan Hesse’s time as CEO, Sprint achieved significant milestones such as launching new products like the iPhone and EVO 4G, improving customer satisfaction, and expanding its network coverage.
  4. What challenges did Sprint face during the network integration process?

    • Sprint encountered challenges during the integration of its network infrastructure due to differences in frequency and air interfaces. This required a comprehensive overhaul to create a unified, high-performance network.
  5. How has Sprint’s financial performance been under Dan Hesse’s leadership?

    • Sprint has seen positive financial results under Dan Hesse’s leadership, including being net income positive and achieving the best operating income in over seven years in the last quarter.
  6. What is the significance of the completion of the Network Vision project for Sprint?

    • The completion of the Network Vision project marks a major milestone for Sprint, signaling the readiness to enter a phase of growth and expansion after overcoming challenges in network upgrades.
  7. What role will Marcelo Claure and SoftBank play in Sprint’s future development?

    • Marcelo Claure’s partnership with SoftBank is expected to drive further progress and expansion opportunities for Sprint, leveraging their aligned vision for the company’s growth.
  8. How does Dan Hesse express his gratitude to the Sprint team in his farewell message?

    • Dan Hesse acknowledges the exceptional dedication and teamwork of the Sprint team, highlighting their commitment to customer service and corporate values throughout his tenure.
  9. What is the outlook for Sprint as it transitions to new leadership under Marcelo Claure?

    • Sprint is poised for a new phase of growth and innovation under Marcelo Claure’s leadership, building upon the foundation laid during Dan Hesse’s tenure to deliver enhanced value to customers.
  10. How does Dan Hesse encourage the Sprint team to support Marcelo Claure in his new role as CEO?

    • Dan Hesse calls upon the Sprint team to extend a warm welcome to Marcelo Claure and provide him with the same level of support and enthusiasm they offered during his own arrival at the company.
  11. What message does Dan Hesse convey to his colleagues in his farewell address?

    • In his farewell message, Dan Hesse expresses his pride in being part of the Sprint team and extends his best wishes to his colleagues for their future endeavors.
  12. What is the overall tone of Dan Hesse’s farewell message to the Sprint team?

    • Dan Hesse’s farewell message conveys a sense of appreciation, gratitude, and optimism for the future, reflecting on the accomplishments and challenges faced during his time as CEO and expressing confidence in the team’s continued success under new leadership.


In conclusion, Dan Hesse’s farewell message to the Sprint team marks a significant moment of transition for the company as Marcelo Claure prepares to take on the role of CEO. Hesse’s message reflects on the achievements and challenges faced during his tenure, highlighting the progress made in customer service, network infrastructure, and technological innovation. The completion of key projects such as the Network Vision initiative signals a new chapter of growth and opportunity for Sprint under Claure’s leadership. As the company moves forward, Hesse’s message serves as a call to action for the Sprint team to embrace change, maintain their focus on customer satisfaction, and support the incoming CEO in driving the company’s continued success.