Sprint’s latest 4G LTE network rollout may experience delays in major markets like New York and San Francisco, with a potential launch as late as March, according to insider information obtained by CNET. This delay has left many customers wondering about the exact timeline, especially after Sprint announced plans to launch in 100 markets “in the coming months” back in September.

Let’s delve into some common questions that readers may have about Sprint’s 4G LTE network rollout:


  1. When can customers in major markets expect Sprint’s 4G LTE network to be fully operational?

    While Sprint initially aimed for a rollout in major markets within a few months, delays may push the launch until as late as March.

  2. Why are there delays in the launch of Sprint’s 4G LTE network in cities like New York and San Francisco?

    The complexities involved in setting up the network infrastructure and conducting thorough testing are contributing factors to the potential delay.

  3. How does Sprint define the term “coming months” in relation to the network rollout timeline?

    Internally, “coming months” for Sprint translates to a period of three to six months.

  4. Which cities have already been covered by Sprint’s 4G LTE network?

    Sprint has made progress in launching its 4G LTE network in various markets, with coverage already available in 32 locations.

  5. What are the key selling points of Sprint’s 4G LTE network compared to competitors like Verizon and AT&T?

    Sprint’s focus on enhancing network speed and coverage is a critical aspect of its strategy to compete with leading carriers in the market.

  6. What network upgrades is Sprint undertaking as part of its Network Vision plan?

    Sprint’s Network Vision plan involves transitioning from the iDEN-based Nextel network to 4G LTE while improving its existing 3G CDMA coverage.

  7. How does Sprint plan to address the challenges of network congestion in densely populated cities like New York and San Francisco?

    Sprint’s network deployment strategy includes gradually expanding its 4G LTE coverage to major metropolitan areas to ensure optimal performance.

  8. What options do customers have if they are experiencing delays in accessing Sprint’s 4G LTE network?

    Customers can explore alternative network options such as Boost Mobile and Virgin Mobile, which offer WiMax smartphones for faster connectivity.

  9. Is Sprint’s focus solely on major markets, or are there plans to expand coverage to smaller cities as well?

    While Sprint has made significant progress in major cities, the company is also committed to enhancing network coverage in smaller markets across the country.

  10. How does Sprint’s network performance compare for LTE-enabled smartphones versus older 3G devices?

    Customers with LTE-enabled smartphones may experience improved network performance compared to those using older 3G devices.

  11. What are the implications of Sprint’s decision to move away from WiMax support and focus on 3G CDMA and 4G LTE technologies?

    Sprint’s shift away from WiMax indicates a strategic move towards enhancing 4G LTE capabilities for its smartphone offerings.

  12. What measures is Sprint taking to ensure a seamless transition for customers during the network upgrade process?

    Sprint is working to minimize disruptions for customers during the transition phase by maintaining network connectivity and improving service quality.


Sprint’s 4G LTE network expansion is undergoing a phased rollout, with potential delays in major markets like New York and San Francisco. While the company works towards enhancing network speed and coverage, customers can expect gradual improvements in service quality and performance. As Sprint continues its network upgrade under the Network Vision plan, customers can look forward to a more robust 4G LTE experience in the near future.

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