Bug-filled phones are causing frustration among gamers and game developers alike, affecting the growth of the lucrative gaming industry. According to John Smedley, the chief operating officer of Sony Entertainment, there is concern over the stability of some phones being developed for this market.


  1. What is the current issue with bug-filled phones in the gaming industry?
    Answer: Bug-filled phones are causing problems for gamers and game developers due to instability and malfunctions.

  2. Why is the stability of phones crucial for the gaming industry?
    Answer: Stable phones are essential for delivering a seamless gaming experience without disruptions.

  3. What did John Smedley highlight regarding the development of phones for gaming?
    Answer: John Smedley expressed concerns about the rush to release unstable phones into the market.

  4. How are carriers contributing to the issue of bug-filled phones?
    Answer: Carriers are under pressure to launch new phones quickly, possibly compromising on stability.

  5. What impact can bug-filled phones have on the gaming industry’s revenue and growth?
    Answer: Unstable phones can lead to negative effects on revenue and hinder the growth of the gaming market.

  6. Have all U.S. carriers upgraded their networks to support high-speed wireless Web connections?
    Answer: Yes, all six U.S. carriers have launched high-speed wireless networks to support advanced features like gaming.

  7. What are some examples of previous phone recalls due to technical issues?
    Answer: Nokia and NTT DoCoMo have recalled phones in the past due to problems such as screen fading.

  8. How does the rush to release new wireless devices impact phone quality?
    Answer: The rush to introduce new devices can lead to quality control issues and potential recalls.

  9. What plans does Sony Entertainment have for wireless gaming in the near future?
    Answer: Sony Entertainment aims to introduce multiplayer wireless gaming experiences in the coming year.

  10. Which company is set to launch the first multiplayer cell phone game in the industry?
    Answer: Jamdat is scheduled to release the first multiplayer cell phone game, allowing two-player interactions.

  11. What popular online fantasy game by Sony may be adapted for wireless multiplayer gaming?
    Answer: “Everquest” is among the popular titles by Sony Entertainment that could be adapted for wireless multiplayer gaming.

  12. How can consumers ensure they are purchasing stable phones for gaming purposes?
    Answer: Consumers should research phone stability, read reviews, and consider feedback before making a purchase.


The gaming industry is facing challenges due to the presence of bug-filled phones that are impacting both gamers and developers. The stability of phones is crucial for providing a seamless gaming experience and ensuring revenue growth. With carriers rushing to introduce new devices and networks, there is a risk of compromising on quality. Companies like Sony Entertainment are looking to enhance gaming experiences with multiplayer options, while issues like phone recalls continue to affect the market. Consumers are advised to prioritize phone stability when choosing devices for gaming purposes.

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