Sony Ericsson made a significant announcement at the 2009 GSMA World Congress, unveiling the W995 Walkman phone as the flagship device for its new Media Go service. The W995 boasts an array of multimedia features catering to music and video enthusiasts, while also functioning as a reliable phone.


  1. What is the key feature of the W995 Walkman phone?
    The W995 Walkman phone is renowned for its comprehensive multimedia capabilities, offering a seamless experience for music and video playback.

  2. What are the color options available for the W995?
    The W995 is available in progressive black, cosmic silver, or energetic red, providing users with a variety of stylish choices.

  3. What is the display size of the W995?
    The W995 features a 2.6-inch display that enhances the viewing experience for music videos and movies.

  4. Does the W995 come with a headset jack?
    Yes, Sony Ericsson included a 3.5mm headset jack in the W995, catering to user convenience and audio preferences.

  5. What camera features does the W995 offer?
    The W995 is equipped with an impressive 8.1-megapixel camera from Sony’s Cyber-shot line, featuring advanced functionalities like auto-focus, face detection, and image stabilization.

  6. What storage options are available on the W995?
    Users can expand the W995’s memory with a Memory Stick Micro card of up to 8GB, in addition to the 118MB internal memory.

  7. What connectivity features does the W995 support?
    The W995 offers a range of connectivity options, including stereo Bluetooth, assisted-GPS with Google Maps support, Wi-Fi, and USB mass storage capability.

  8. What is the battery life of the W995?
    Sony Ericsson promises a long-lasting battery on the W995, supporting extended usage for activities like watching two full-length films, with 9 hours of talk time, 20 hours of music playback, and 5 hours of video playback.

  9. When will the W995 be available for purchase?
    The W995 is set to be available in the second quarter of the year, ensuring enthusiasts can get their hands on this innovative device soon.


The Sony Ericsson W995 Walkman phone was unveiled at the 2009 GSMA World Congress, offering a blend of multimedia features and reliable phone functionalities. With its sleek design, vibrant display, impressive camera capabilities, and extensive connectivity options, the W995 caters to users seeking a versatile multimedia experience. The device’s ample storage capacity, long-lasting battery life, and diverse feature set make it a compelling choice for consumers. Scheduled for release in the second quarter, the W995 promises to deliver a premium multimedia experience to users worldwide. For more updates and information on the W995, visit the Sony Ericsson website.