Sony Ericsson Aims to Lead the Android Market

Barcelona, Spain – Sony Ericsson is setting its sights on becoming the top player in the worldwide Google Android handset market. The company’s CEO, Bert Nordberg, highlighted the importance of establishing a strong presence in the U.S. to achieve this objective.


  1. What is Sony Ericsson’s goal in the mobile phone market?
    Sony Ericsson aims to become the leading Google Android handset maker globally.

  2. What is the significance of the U.S. market for Sony Ericsson?
    Establishing a robust foothold in the U.S. market is crucial for Sony Ericsson to realize its ambition of becoming the number one Android device manufacturer.

  3. What sets Sony Ericsson apart from its competitors?
    Sony Ericsson differentiates itself by offering innovative products that leverage its connections to Sony for top-notch hardware and Ericsson for network expertise.

  4. How does Sony Ericsson plan to stand out in the Android market?
    Sony Ericsson focuses on providing unique features such as superior screen technology, high-quality cameras, and strong relationships in content production like movies, music, and TV programs.

  5. How does Sony Ericsson address the rapid pace of software upgrades in the mobile industry?
    Sony Ericsson collaborates closely with Google to stay abreast of software developments and ensures that its devices are equipped to support the latest software versions.

  6. Why did Sony Ericsson choose to launch the Xperia Play smartphone in the U.S. with Verizon?
    Recognizing the importance of being at the forefront of the U.S. market, Sony Ericsson shifted its strategy to prioritize launching products in the U.S. first, aligning with the significant mobile activities in California.

  7. How does Sony Ericsson view the competition, particularly with Motorola’s strong presence in the Android market?
    Sony Ericsson acknowledges Motorola’s strength in the U.S. market but believes that its unique offerings and global market reach position it for success in becoming the top Android handset maker worldwide.

  8. What market segment is the Sony Ericsson Xperia Play targeting?
    The Sony Ericsson Xperia Play is tailored for gaming and entertainment, catering to a distinct consumer base compared to products like the Apple iPhone.


Sony Ericsson, a collaboration between Sony and Ericsson, is determined to lead the Google Android handset market globally. With a focus on innovative features, strong network connections, and strategic market positioning, Sony Ericsson aims to differentiate itself in the competitive mobile industry. By prioritizing the U.S. market, forging partnerships with key players like Verizon, and staying ahead of software trends, Sony Ericsson is poised to achieve its goal of becoming the top player in the Android market. For more information on Sony Ericsson’s products and developments, visit their website to explore their latest offerings and stay updated on their progress in the mobile industry.

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