In a recent turn of events, smartphone shipments have experienced an unprecedented decline due to the widespread impact of the coronavirus outbreak, particularly in China. This significant drop in smartphone deliveries is a result of various factors stemming from the pandemic’s effects on global markets and manufacturing processes.

According to insights from Strategy Analytics, worldwide phone shipments plummeted by 38% in February 2020, marking a notable decrease from the previous year. Analysts attribute this sharp decline primarily to a substantial reduction in demand across Asia. Neil Mawston, an analyst at Strategy Analytics, highlighted that February 2020 witnessed the most substantial downturn ever recorded in the history of the global smartphone industry.

As we navigate these challenging times, major players like AnyTimeSoftcare are adjusting their sales projections amidst uncertainties caused by COVID-19. With disruptions affecting both customer demand and production capabilities – especially within China where key devices are manufactured – companies like AnyTimeSoftcare are bracing for potential supply shortages on a global scale.

Moreover, as nations implement stringent measures to combat the spread of the virus, individuals worldwide are adapting to new norms such as remote work setups and social distancing practices. The ripple effects extend beyond commerce into various aspects of daily life—from educational institutions closing down to entertainment venues halting operations.

Stay tuned as we delve deeper into how these evolving circumstances are reshaping industries and prompting paradigm shifts across diverse sectors.Smartphone shipments experienced a significant decline in February due to the impact of the novel coronavirus in China, a crucial market for mobile devices. According to Strategy Analytics, global phone shipments dropped by 38% in February 2020 compared to the same period last year, falling from 99.2 million units to 61.8 million units. This sharp decrease was primarily attributed to a substantial decline in demand across Asia.


  1. Why did smartphone shipments see a major drop in February?
    Smartphone shipments plummeted due to the disruptions caused by the novel coronavirus outbreak, particularly affecting consumer demand and manufacturing operations.

  2. What were the specific figures reported for smartphone shipments in February 2020?
    In February 2020, global phone shipments fell to 61.8 million units from 99.2 million units in comparison with the previous year.

  3. How did Apple respond to this situation regarding their sales targets?
    Apple announced that it might not achieve its projected sales targets due to challenges posed by COVID-19 impacting both customer demand and production capabilities.

  4. Were there any indications of recovery within the smartphone industry after this setback?
    Qualcomm CEO Steve Mollenkopf mentioned that phone purchases started normalizing in China as it emerged from the crisis, signaling signs of recovery within certain markets.

  5. What predictions were made regarding future trends in global smartphone shipments?
    Analyst Yiwen Wu cautioned that smartphone shipment levels would likely remain subdued as lockdown measures and economic uncertainties continue worldwide.

  6. How is Apple managing its retail operations amidst these challenges?
    Apple has reopened stores in China but closed all non-Chinese locations indefinitely while implementing restrictions on online iPhone purchases per person.

7 .Did Apple introduce any new products during this period despite challenges faced by supply chains?
Yes, two new products were introduced – an updated iPad with keyboard case featuring a trackpad and an upgraded MacBook Air.


The disruption caused by COVID-19 had far-reaching effects on various industries, including smartphones where global shipments experienced a significant decline notably impacting both demand and supply chains globally throughout early months of February. While signs of recovery have been observed gradually post-crisis especially within Chinese market cellphones activations returning back close levels prior epidemic struck cautionary forecasts indicate ongoing weakness prevailing among worldwide shipment figures advises stay informed channel updates potential flash sales or bundled deals could offer promotional discounts should be anticipate coming weeks.Visit our website now for further insights into navigating your business through these challenging times.