1. What is the main difference between bone-conduction headphones and OpenFit earbuds?
Answer: OpenFit earbuds use traditional speaker technology while bone-conduction headphones deliver sound through cheekbones.

2. How comfortable are the OpenFit earbuds?
Answer: They have a soft and flexible Dolphin Arc ear hook, which provides a pliable fit according to the manufacturer.

3. How much do OpenFit earbuds cost?
Answer: $180

4. How are the OpenFit earbuds designed to sit on the ears?
Answer: They are designed to sit on top of the ears.

5. How well do OpenFit earbuds perform for music listening?
Answer: They deliver significantly fuller sound compared to bone-conduction headphones due to traditional speaker technology.

6. Do OpenFit earbuds have multipoint Bluetooth pairing?
Answer: No, they do not have multipoint Bluetooth pairing.

7. How are the OpenFit earbuds for making cell phone calls?
Answer: The OpenFit earbuds perform well for making cell phone calls with good noise reduction.

8. How long does the battery of the OpenFit earbuds last?
Answer: The battery life is not provided in the article.

9. How water-resistant are the OpenFit earbuds?
Answer: The OpenFit earbuds are IP54 dust and water-resistant, which means they are splashproof.

10. What colors are the OpenFit earbuds available in?
Answer: Beige and black

11. How does the DirectPitch technology improve the sound performance of the OpenFit earbuds?
Answer: DirectPitch technology, combined with Shokz OpenBass, carry low-frequency vibrations directly toward the ear without covering it.

12. How does the sound quality of the OpenFit earbuds compare to the Cleer Arc 2 Open Ear Sport earbuds?
Answer: The Cleer Arc 2 Sport buds offer a little better clarity and fuller bass, but the Shokz OpenFit is more comfortable to wear.


The Shokz OpenFit true wireless earbuds are the company’s first departure from bone-conduction technology and utilize an open design that delivers sound directly into the ears. These ear hook-style buds are lightweight and comfortable, featuring a pliable Dolphin Arc design for a secure fit.

Compared to bone-conduction headphones, the OpenFit earbuds provide significantly fuller sound thanks to traditional speaker drivers. However, they still don’t match the bass performance of noise-isolating earbuds with ear tips. Despite their open design, the OpenFit earbuds reduce background noise well for phone calls but can suffer in noisy environments due to external sound interference. They also lack multipoint Bluetooth pairing and volume controls on the buds.

Despite these minor drawbacks, the Shokz OpenFit earbuds are a significant improvement over previous open ear-hook style earbuds. They offer balanced sound quality, are comfortable to wear, and are ideal for those seeking a mix of safety awareness and enhanced audio experience.

To learn more and order your pair, visit the official Shokz website.