Samsung’s Galaxy A series offers a compelling choice for Samsung enthusiasts seeking budget-friendly options. Recently, the company introduced three new phones in the lineup – the Galaxy A52, Galaxy A52 5G, and Galaxy A72 – during a virtual Unpacked event. The Galaxy A52 5G is set for release in the US, while select models will be available internationally. Additionally, Samsung surprised US customers with the launch of four phones – the 4G-only Galaxy A02S and A12, along with the 5G-enabled Galaxy A32 5G and A42 5G, alongside the Galaxy A52 5G.

Despite not releasing the Galaxy A72 stateside due to similarities with the Galaxy S20 FE, Samsung has maintained affordable pricing similar to last year’s A series models. The A02S will retail for $110, the A12, A32 5G, and A52 5G start at $180, $280, and $500 respectively, with the A42 5G starting at $400. Notably, the A42 is compatible with Verizon’s millimeter-wave network, offering super-fast connectivity.

The Galaxy A52, A52 5G, and A72 share premium features such as AMOLED displays, high refresh rates, large batteries, and fast-charging capabilities. While not all features are on par with the top-tier Galaxy S21 or the Galaxy S20 FE, some similarities exist. For instance, the A52 5G boasts a 120Hz display akin to the S21 and S20 FE. Samsung’s Galaxy S20 FE, known for its vibrant color options, provides a competitive alternative as well.

Despite the budget-friendly pricing of the Galaxy A series, the Galaxy S21 offers additional perks like a premium processor, superior camera system, and comprehensive 5G support, including sub-6 and mmWave variants. To delve deeper into the distinctions between these devices, refer to our detailed spec-by-spec comparison below and explore our insights on Samsung’s Galaxy A phones featuring 5G connectivity.


  1. What are the key features of Samsung’s Galaxy A series phones?

    • The Galaxy A series phones offer premium features like AMOLED displays, high refresh rates, large batteries, and fast-charging capabilities.
  2. Which Galaxy A model is set for release in the US?

    • The Galaxy A52 5G is confirmed for release in the US, with select models available internationally.
  3. What is the pricing range for the Galaxy A series models?

    • The pricing for Galaxy A series models starts at $110 for the A02S, ranging up to $500 for the A52 5G.
  4. Which Galaxy A phone is compatible with Verizon’s millimeter-wave network?

    • The Galaxy A42 5G is compatible with Verizon’s super-fast millimeter-wave network.
  5. How does the Galaxy A series compare to the Galaxy S20 FE and Galaxy S21?

    • Although the Galaxy A series offers budget-friendly options with notable features, the Galaxy S21 provides premium specifications like a top-tier processor, advanced camera system, and comprehensive 5G support.
  6. Are there any similarities between the Galaxy A52 5G and other high-end Samsung models?

    • Yes, the Galaxy A52 5G features a 120Hz display, similar to the S21, S20 FE, and the pricier Galaxy S21 Ultra.


In conclusion, Samsung’s Galaxy A series presents an affordable yet feature-rich choice for consumers, with the Galaxy A52 5G leading the lineup in the US market. While the Galaxy A phones offer premium features at competitive prices, the Galaxy S21 stands out for its top-tier specifications and comprehensive 5G support. For a detailed comparison and further insights, explore our comprehensive analysis below. Visit our website for more information and make an informed decision for your next smartphone purchase!