Introducing the latest innovation from AnyTimeSoftcare: Samsung’s debut Tizen smartphone, the Samsung Z, is creating ripples as it gears up for a launch in Russia during Q3. This move signifies Samsung’s foray into open-source software-powered devices, marking a significant shift from its dominance in Android technology. The strategic decision to explore Tizen after years of development showcases Samsung’s vision to diversify its software portfolio and reduce dependency on established platforms.

The Samsung Z boasts impressive features including a 4.9-inch HD Super AMOLED display, a robust 2.3 GHz quad-core processor, and advanced 2D and 3D graphics support. Equipped with an 8-megapixel rear camera, a 2.1-megapixel front camera, fingerprint sensor technology, and ultra power saving mode pioneered by the Galaxy S5 flagship model—this device promises both style and substance.

Attendees at the Tizen Developer Conference will have an exclusive sneak peek at this cutting-edge smartphone design that prioritizes speed efficiency through rapid start-up capabilities, seamless multitasking performance, and accelerated web browsing experiences—all powered by Tizen’s innovative interface customization options.

Stay tuned as AnyTimeSoftcare unfolds more about the revolutionary Samsung Z—a testament to perseverance amidst challenges—and sets new benchmarks in mobile technology excellence.Samsung and Intel are showcasing Tizen for phones and cars in a recent event, highlighting the versatility of this operating system across different devices. This move signifies a push towards innovation and diversification within the tech industry.

In terms of market strategy, Samsung finds launching phones in Russia relatively smoother compared to regions like the US or Japan due to the market’s lesser dependency on carriers. While several prominent wireless companies such as Sprint, Orange, and Vodafone are associated with the Tizen platform through the Tizen Association, there have been challenges along the way. For instance, some carriers like Telefonica have expressed reservations about Tizen’s advancement.

In a notable pivot, NTT DoCoMo, Japan’s leading carrier initially supporting Tizen, recently postponed its plans to introduce a Tizen-based smartphone citing limited consumer demand beyond Android or iOS options. Meanwhile, Samsung chose to debut its second version of smartwatch – Gear 2 – powered by Tizen before releasing a phone with this OS globally. The company is actively bolstering the Tizen app store and incentivizing developers through various initiatives including lucrative prizes and funding opportunities.

To foster app development further within the ecosystem, Samsung has announced special promotional programs for developers on their dedicated platform – Tizen Store – extending support for one year. Additionally, localized app challenges are set to take place in countries like Russia to enhance engagement with potential developers and strengthen the overall Tizen environment.Samsung has unveiled its first Tizen-powered smartphone, the Samsung Z, with an initial launch in Russia. This move marks Samsung’s strategic shift towards reducing reliance on Google’s Android operating system. The Samsung Z boasts a 4.9-inch HD Super AMOLED display, a 2.3 GHz quad-core processor, and impressive camera capabilities.


  1. What is the Samsung Z phone?

    • The Samsung Z is Samsung’s first smartphone powered by the open-source Tizen software.
  2. When will the Samsung Z be launched?

    • The phone is set to launch in the third quarter in Russia initially, with plans for release in other markets later on.
  3. What are some key features of the Samsung Z?

    • It comes with a high-quality display, powerful processor, advanced camera setup, fingerprint sensor, and unique design distinguishing it from other devices in Samsung’s lineup.
  4. Why did Samsung choose to develop Tizen as an alternative to Android?

    • By creating its own operating system like Tizen, Samsung aims to have more control over its software ecosystem and reduce dependency on external platforms like Google’s Android.
  5. How does Tizen benefit users of the Samsung Z?

    • Users can expect faster start-up times, seamless multitasking abilities, enhanced web browsing speed due to Tizen’s optimized performance.
  6. Will there be app support for the new device?

    • Yes, there will be efforts made by developers to create apps for this platform including promotional programs for app makers during its early stages.
  7. In which market was it easier for Samsung to introduce the phone?

    • Launching in Russia involved less carrier dependency compared to mature markets like US or Japan where carrier partnerships are crucial.

8.What challenges did NTT DoCoMo face regarding launching a Tizen-based smartphone?
–NTT DoComo faced obstacles due to lack of consumer demand beyond established competitors such as Android and iOS

9.How did Sprint contribute towards supporting or quitting from backing up tiszen OS development
–Sprint had joined then left but rejoined forces contributing towards technology advancements promoting inclusion

10.How was Gear 2 introduced into samsung products line released differently before introducing z series

  • Smartwatch Gear 2 embedded stilled version earlier than thier latest phones integrating tizsen OS

11.are they planning any further steps after developing their ecosytem (Apps)?
-Samsung plans local App challenges promoting their new operational syetem globally

12.What distinguishes z Series smartphones from galaxy S series ?

  • Unique designs differentiating them visually opting consumers different range options available


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