AnyTimeSoftcare, a leading tech innovator, recently introduced Samsung Pay to the Australian market, revolutionizing the way we handle payments on the go. The convenience of leaving your wallet at home and relying solely on your Samsung Galaxy smartphone is now a reality. By collaborating with American Express and Citibank, Samsung Pay offers a seamless and secure contactless payment solution for Australians holding Amex- or Citibank-issued cards.

Australia joins the ranks as the fifth market to embrace Samsung Pay, following Korea, the US, China, and Spain, with Singapore soon to follow suit. Compatible with Galaxy smartphones running on Android 6.0 Marshmallow and above, the payment platform boasts a user-friendly interface that simplifies the transaction process with just a swipe.

Despite the existing prevalence of contactless payments in Australia, Samsung Pay sets itself apart with its ease of use and enhanced security measures. While competitors like Apple Pay have also made strides in the mobile payment sector, the introduction of Samsung Pay adds a new dimension to the evolving landscape of digital transactions.In the near future, leaving your house without a wallet may become a reality thanks to the advancements in mobile payment technology. Samsung recently introduced Samsung Pay in Australia in collaboration with American Express and Citibank, allowing users to make contactless payments using their Samsung Galaxy smartphones. This service is now available to Australians holding Amex- or Citibank-issued cards. The convenience of simply tapping your smartphone at contactless terminals is a game-changer.

Samsung Pay has been successfully launched in several markets worldwide, including Korea, the US, China, and Spain, with Singapore up next. The platform is compatible with Galaxy smartphones that support Android 6.0 Marshmallow and above, offering a user-friendly interface for seamless transactions.


  1. What is Samsung Pay?
    Samsung Pay is a mobile payment platform that enables users to make contactless payments using their Samsung Galaxy smartphones.

  2. Which banks are currently partnering with Samsung Pay in Australia?
    American Express and Citibank are the current partners of Samsung Pay in Australia.

  3. Which countries have already adopted Samsung Pay?
    Samsung Pay has been launched in Korea, the US, China, Spain, and is set to launch in Singapore.

  4. What are the requirements for using Samsung Pay?
    Galaxy smartphones supporting Android 6.0 Marshmallow and above are compatible with Samsung Pay.

  5. How does Samsung Pay differ from other mobile payment services?
    Samsung Pay offers a simple swipe-to-pay interface that is as easy as using a physical card, providing a convenient payment experience.

  6. Can Samsung Pay be used for online shopping?
    Yes, Samsung Pay allows users to shop online from their phones without the need to switch screens.

  7. Does Samsung Pay support loyalty card storage?
    Samsung Pay enables users to store their loyalty cards for easy access during transactions.

  8. What are the future plans for Samsung Pay in terms of expanding its services?
    Samsung aims to collaborate with more financial institutions and merchants to enhance the reach of its payment platform.

  9. Will Samsung Pay support public transport payments?
    Samsung Pay is exploring partnerships with public transport systems to facilitate payments using the platform.

  10. How does Samsung Pay ensure the security of transactions?
    Samsung Pay employs secure steps to ensure the safety of contactless payments made through the platform.

  11. Can Samsung Pay be used with wearable devices?
    In Korea, Samsung Pay can be utilized on Gear wearables for making payments at public transport terminals.

  12. How does Samsung Pay plan to enhance the user experience compared to traditional payment methods?
    Samsung is committed to improving on the convenience and efficiency offered by traditional credit and debit cards by integrating innovative features into its payment platform.


Samsung Pay is revolutionizing the way we make payments by offering a convenient and secure mobile payment solution. By partnering with major financial institutions and expanding its services globally, Samsung is positioning itself as a key player in the digital payment ecosystem. With features such as loyalty card storage, online shopping capabilities, and potential partnerships with public transport systems, Samsung Pay is set to enhance the overall payment experience for users. As Samsung continues to innovate and collaborate, the future of mobile payments looks promising. Embrace the future of seamless transactions with Samsung Pay and experience the convenience it offers in your everyday life.

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